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Blog Beast Empower Network(EVN2.0) Released

Blog Beast, an Empower Network online platform is now at the forefront of the online blogging revolution. The beast has been released. The blogging system designed to make you MONEY.With the release of Blog Beast, its new second-generation viral blogging system, Empower Network looks to revolutionize the blogging world.

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Blog Beast Empower Network(EVN2.0) Released

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  1. Empower Network Released Blog Beast WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and other popular blog platforms don’t offer some of the key features and benefits users find with Blog Beast. New viral blogging platform expected to change blogging landscape http://empoweringonlineopportunities.com/who-is-env2-for-the-blog-beast-for-small-business-owners/

  2. Blog Beast (ENV2.0)New viral blogging platform • With the release of Blog Beast, its new second-generation viral blogging system, Empower Network looks to revolutionize the blogging world. • Blog Beast, in which Empower Network invested $3 million and one year to develop, offers a multitude of features not yet seen among the current generation of blog software. • Empower Network’s new system allows users to maintain multiple blogs among multiple domains from one account and one login. • It is faster, easier to use and a better design than the original version, as well as other blogging platforms, say company officials. http://empoweringonlineopportunities.com/who-is-env2-for-the-blog-beast-for-small-business-owners/

  3. Blog Beast Features • Blog Beast is the ability to use a mobile app that will be able to sync their online blog to smartphones and tablets and still be able to use the features that are available on a computer. • Blog Beast is the ability to use the Mobile App to record video and audios and instantly upload them into their blogs. • Empower Network Blog Beast is the ability to share or reblog another person’s post to their own blog and the system will give credit back to the original author. • Blog Beast also comes with a new proprietary commenting system so that you can share the comments you receive on your blog posts on your favorite social networks with a link going back to the original post. • Empower Network is a great way to learn how to make extra cash while giving you all the tools you need to become and stay a success. Empower Network was created for your success and will always be dedicated to your success.

  4. Empower Network 2.0 (ENV2) New Blogging Platform… Other features available through Blog Beast are training on blogging, marketing and leadership. A customer relationship management system is also available, which allows a user to access his or her back office, view sales and transactions as well as send email blasts to customer groups. Using Blog Beast, you can get started publishing content on the internet extremely easily, without any technical knowledge. If you want to start making some money online or if you want to take your blogging to a whole other level, Blog Beast is the way to go. http://empoweringonlineopportunities.com/who-is-env2-for-the-blog-beast-for-small-business-owners/

  5. Blog Beast – How Env2 will change the way YOU blog • It is a viral blogging system launched by Empower Network that is going to change everything. • Blog Beast is a brand new platform that will not compare to any other platform - including the original EN blog system. • This new blog system will solve the problems that many bloggers, internet marketers, and small business owners have with marketing online. • It will be a second generation system that will try to solve the problems of other blogging system and it will cost $25 a month. • Blog Beast will be a drag and drop mobile way to quickly get content out there for your business. • Improving the various ways you can get your business exposed at the click of a button, Blog Beast will make it easy for you to make a video and post it to your blog. http://empoweringonlineopportunities.com/who-is-env2-for-the-blog-beast-for-small-business-owners/

  6. Blog Beast Marketing System • A completely redesigned commenting feature allows readers to share blogs and their comments on numerous social media platforms, while linking back to the original blog post. • Blog Beast system is available to users for only $25/month, the same as the current blogging system. • Empower network also offers an affiliate program to roughly 30,000 active affiliates. • This number is expected to grow exponentially with the release of the new system. http://empoweringonlineopportunities.com/who-is-env2-for-the-blog-beast-for-small-business-owners/

  7. Empower Network Blog Beast • Empower network is currently one of the largest blogging communities and publishing platforms online. • Empower Network also provides leadership training programs to online marketers and home-based business owners. • Empower Network offers a program through which affiliates can earn commissions off the sales of other Empower Network programs including the one mentioned above. • Empower Network was launched in 2011 by David Wood and David Sharpe. • Empower Network’s signature product is a viral blogging system geared to help users grow their businesses online. http://empoweringonlineopportunities.com/who-is-env2-for-the-blog-beast-for-small-business-owners/

  8. Connect With Us- Empowering Online Opportunities P.O. Box 71 Clinton, NY 13323 USA +1315-939-9021 Get on the list right now at:www.BlogBeastLiving.com http://empoweringonlineopportunities.com Empower Network 2.0 Blog Beast sets the standard for new high quality blogging platforms online. It's coming. The blogging system built to make YOU money. • Find Me On Face book http://empoweringonlineopportunities.com/who-is-env2-for-the-blog-beast-for-small-business-owners/

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