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Automation anywhere interview questions by experts PowerPoint Presentation
Automation anywhere interview questions by experts

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Automation anywhere interview questions by experts
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Automation anywhere interview questions by experts

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  1. Automation Anywhere Interview Questions

  2. Mindmajix • MindMajix is the globally professional in IT courses training which emphasize on hands-on experience with examples from real-time scenarios by experts. It is the largest provider of high quality online training courses. • It is conceptualized and initiated by several multidisciplinary and ingenious software technocrats having a combined experience of more than 10 yrs in the industry.

  3. About Automation Anywhere. • If you're looking for Automation Anywhere Interview Questions, you are at right place. There are lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. According to research Automation Anywhere has a market share of about 0.3%. So, You still have opportunity to move ahead in your career in Robotic Process Automation. Mindmajix offers advanced Automation Anywhere Interview Questions that helps you in cracking your interview & acquire dream career.

  4. Q: What do you mean by automation? What are its benefits? • It is basically a process to automate the tasks and process with the help of automatic equipment which are based on technology. It is helpful for the businesses to consider automation as it enhances efficiency and cut down the errors from several business processes and transactions. Also, the human interference can be avoided up to a great extent. A number of processes can be automated with the use of specific equipment and expertise. 

  5. Q: When exactly you will automate a test? • There are certain cases when we can consider the same. For example, repeating tasks. During such a scenario, automating a test saves a lot of time as well as Human efforts. In addition to this, test with more than one data set can be made more efficient through this approach. Also, regression test cases, as well as Smoke & Sanity tests are also the conditions when automating a test is a good option. However, the final decision is always based on Return-on-Investment.

  6. Q: What do you know about the common steps that are involved in Automation anywhere process? • The very first thing is to select or consider the test tool. After this, the next step is to define the scope of automation anywhere followed by the steps planning, designing, as well as development. Next step is Testing execution and final step is maintenance. It is necessary to follow the steps in the defined sequence to eliminate confusion. 

  7. Q: What are the automation tools you are certified in? • The answer to this question depends on you. You can mention here about the tools you have good command or skills in. Generally, it is asked from experienced professional in the Automation.

  8. Q: Name any five things which you can automate? • Smoke Sanity test suite, Automation behind GUI, build deployment, smoke test suite, as well as test data creation.

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