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United Nations Observer Mission in Georgia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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United Nations Observer Mission in Georgia. By. David McCarville. and rew. The UNOMIG .

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United Nations

Observer Mission in


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David McCarville

and rew

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  • The UNOMIG began in the fall of 1992. Troops were sent in to keep the peace between The Republic of Georgia and Abkhazia. So far at least 20 troops and 9 military observers have been killed in the conflict. The mission is still going on but things are steadily getting better. There are still fire fights but things are not as bad as they were.

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  • The conflict in Georgia is between the Republic of Georgia and Abkhazia which is located in the northwestern region of Georgia on the Black Sea.

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  • The conflict between the two factions started in the summer of 1992. A ceasefire agreement was reached on September 3, 1992. It was very tense between the two states and on October 1,1992 negations collapsed and the fighting resumed.

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The conflict took place in the republic of Georgia and the state Abkhazia.

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  • This conflict started because Abkhazia wanted to break away from the Republic of Georgia but the government of the republic did not want them to break away so they started fighting.

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