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Intelligence at the Interface Semantic Technology and the Consumer Internet Experience

Intelligence at the Interface Semantic Technology and the Consumer Internet Experience. image by neilsethlevine.com . Tom Gruber Stealth-Company.com. What is the Killer App for Semantic Technology?. Semantic Search?. Integrated Services?. Collective Intelligence?. Intelligent Design.

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Intelligence at the Interface Semantic Technology and the Consumer Internet Experience

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  1. Intelligence at the InterfaceSemantic Technology and the Consumer Internet Experience image by neilsethlevine.com Tom GruberStealth-Company.com

  2. What is the Killer App for Semantic Technology? Semantic Search? Integrated Services? Collective Intelligence?

  3. Intelligent Design Where’s the killer app? Search Maps Chat Music Videos Photos Email Multi-touch Mobile Phone (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

  4. The Killer App for Semantic Technology is Your Life (on-line)

  5. Intelligence at the Interface applying the best of the Internet(intelligently)to support your daily life

  6. Intelligent Interface It’s closer than you think. Language Understanding Semantic Search Machine Learning IntegratedServices (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

  7. Intelligence at the Interface is a Paradigm Shift for interaction on the Internet.

  8. Interaction Paradigms Breadcrumbsin the Forest Follow theLeader MagicWords At your Service (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

  9. Breadcrumbs in the forest:The Hyperlink User Role • Choose your path System Roles • connect the dots Technical breakthrough: universal resource identity (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber Illustration by Arthur Rackham, 1909

  10. Follow the leader:The Portal User Role • choose your channels(and consume them) System Roles • deliver the content Technical breakthrough: frictionless broadcasting (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber Chevron Barracuda, Papua New Guinea

  11. Abracadabra:The Search Engine User Role • state your query(and shift through results) System Roles • find relevant content and filter on quality Technical breakthrough: web-scale indexing and ranking (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber Abracadabra as an incantation to be used as a cure for fevers and inflammations, 2nd Century AD

  12. At your Service:Intelligence @ the Interface User Role • Live your life System Roles • Tell me what I need to know. • Help me solve my problems. • Help me meet my needs. • Work for me. Be proactive. Technical breakthrough: personalized, context-aware AI (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber Bathroom of The Ritz-Carlton Powerscourt, Ireland

  13. What can I@I do for you? • Help you stay informed • Help you keep connected • Help you discover • Help you learn • Work for you (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

  14. Helps you organize, share, and discover (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber http://twine.com

  15. Helps you connect, discover, stay in touch PARC’s Magitti • find gems from geotagged trips http://loopt.com (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber http://tagmaps.research.yahoo.com/

  16. Helps you discover things you care about (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber contextknowledge interface conversation

  17. Put technology to work for you (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

  18. Explore Collective Experience (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber http://labs.live.com/photosynth/

  19. Learn from Collective Knowledge Travel Recommendation Engine • Content from real travelers • Machine learning to extract clusters and dimensions • Interview users to elicit profile and interests • Recommend destinations and trips based on multidimensional matching • Output is human readable experiences, selected by machine inference (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber http://tomgruber.org/writing/collective-knowledge-systems.htm

  20. An assistant that learns from you 20 (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

  21. Put it all together • Where should I go on vacation? • What is it like there? • Where should I stay? • How do I get the best fare? • What do I need to know about it? • Please arrange my travel schedule. (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

  22. What makes an Interface Intelligent? • It knows a lot about you. • It understands you in context. • It is proactive. • It gets better with experience. (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

  23. my online life reasoning & learning my queries multidimensional sort my preferences my links databaselookup graphtraversal Knowledge and Reasoning Service to Humans Hyperlink Portal Search I@I (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

  24. But what about Semantic Technology?

  25. Where’s the key technology? (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

  26. Which is the important part? (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

  27. What part of the stack is critical? (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

  28. The Tower of Semantics (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

  29. “Let them eat layer cake.” Oops. We didn’t mean that.

  30. The important part isn’t on the inside. • It’s about how it works in the world. • It’s about how people experience it. • It’s about changing our lives. (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

  31. Field of Dreamers “If you build it, they will come.” “If they use it, it will build itself.” (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

  32. Why won’t they vote for it? “It's the economy, stupid.” - James Carville Why won’t they use it? “It's the interface stupid.” That’s where intelligence will pay off. (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

  33. The role of Semantic Webat the Interface • Reasoning about human context • Harvesting Collective Knowledge (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

  34. Contexts worth reasoning about • Location: Geosemantics • Identity: FOAF, PURLS, and beyond • Community: Socially constructed meaning • Action: Services Integration (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

  35. Knowledge worth harvesting • Collective Experience • Stories, photos, reviews • Collective Attention • Useful links, articles, perspectives • Collective Creation • Semantic wikis, data commons (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

  36. Inferences worth making The Gigantic Join Composing and integrating data across applications • Where should I go on vacation? • How do I get the best fare? what • What is it like there? how Travel Services where TravelInterests who Places to go • Where should I stay? what People who have been there • What do I need to know about it? Photos, blogs, news stories (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

  37. Ontologies for the Gigantic Join (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber http://richard.cyganiak.de/2007/10/lod/

  38. Learn from Collective Knowledge Share ourexperience reasoning & learning multidimensional sort Share our information databaselookup graphtraversal Knowledge,Reasoning, Collective Intelligence our online lives our interests Service to Humans our lifestreams our content Collected Aggregated Emergent (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

  39. Last Word If we want our technology to have world-changing impact, bring it to the interface: • get useful knowledge from all those intelligent people on the Internet • give the benefit of this knowledge to everyone. (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber

  40. For more information • Tom Gruberhttp://tomgruber.org • Collective Knowledge Systemshttp://tomgruber.org/writing/collective-knowledge-systems.htm • Intelligence at the Interfacehttp://tomgruber.org/writing/semtech08.htm Rights: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/3.0/ Source: http://tomgruber.org/writing/semtech08.htm (c) 2007 Thomas Gruber Cover image by http://www.neilsethlevine.com

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