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Financial Aid and Billing PowerPoint Presentation
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Financial Aid and Billing

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Financial Aid and Billing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Financial Aid and Billing. Presented by Darrell Horn. These slides are available on the Internet. WWW.ACU.EDU/SFS. Connecting Financial Aid And Billing. You Complete and return the FAFSA. You let us know if there are any components of the award that you do not want.

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Financial Aid and Billing

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financial aid and billing

Financial Aid and Billing

Presented by

Darrell Horn


Connecting Financial Aid And Billing

You Complete and return the FAFSA

You let us know if there are any components of the award that you do not want.

We receive your financial information from the government

We apply the proceeds to your account begin the billing process.

This information is loaded into our computer system which creates an award package and sends you an award letter.

payment options for charges not covered by financial aid
Payment Options For Charges Not Covered By Financial Aid
  • Pay in full on the first billing of the semester.
  • Use the ACU payment plan.

More information on each follows.

what form of payment does acu accept
What Form of Payment does ACU Accept
  • Check
  • Cash
  • All types of Credit Cards
  • Through Wildcat Pay you can set up automatic drafts. (More information follows)
what is wildcat pay
What is Wildcat Pay

Wildcat Pay is ACU’s on-line billing and payment system. It allows you to:

  • View billing statements
  • Sign up for the Payment Plan
  • Make single payments on-line
  • Set up automatic drafts from bank accounts or credit cards for multiple payments on-line
  • Provide access to other payers
how do i access wildcat pay
How do I access Wildcat Pay?

Here is how to access Wildcat Pay:

  • Have the student log in to my.ACU and follow the Wildcat Pay link.
  • During the sign-up process have the student request the “Other Payers PIN”.
  • With this PIN and the student’s Banner ID, you can access their billing information by following the “Online Services” link at, then select “Wildcat Pay”

When will I be Billed?

Statements are sent on the following calendar

  • FALL
  • Aug. 6 Due Sept. 1
  • Sept. 6 Due Oct. 1
  • Oct. 6 Due Nov. 1
  • Nov. 6 Due Dec. 1
  • Jan. 6 Due Feb. 1
  • Feb. 6 Due Mar. 1
  • Mar. 6 Due Apr. 1
  • Apr. 6 Due May 1
paying in full on the first billing
Paying in Full on the First Billing
  • Here is how to pay;
    • Have your student sign up through Wildcat Pay on my.ACU. They can provide you with the “Other Payers Pin”. Then you can access their account from the “Online Services” link at, then select “Wildcat Pay”.
    • Call 800.343.5904 to pay over the phone
    • Return your check and the coupon in the statement you receive in the mail during August. Pay the “Total Amount Due”.
  • Payment must be made in full with each subsequent statement or a late fee of 1.242% applies.
the acu payment plan
The ACU Payment Plan
  • Access Wildcat Pay as previously described, or call 800.343.5904.
  • There is a $32.50 fee for this service which will be charged to your account immediately.
  • If you sign-up for the payment plan, remember that balances usually change so you may need to adjust your payment amount.


  • Billing
  • Question: I received my Financial Aid award letter, is there any other aid available?
    • Answer:
      • By completing the FAFSA you are applying for all federal, state, and institutional grants or scholarships available to all students.
      • Some departments have scholarships. Please see your Admissions Counselor or the Department Chair in your major field of study.
      • Student Financial Services can assist with a variety of additional loan options.


  • Billing
  • Question: If at the end of the semester there is a credit balance on my account, what are my options?
    • Answer:
      • Go to the Depot tab on my.ACU and request a Check Refund which will be ready within 3 business days.
      • Leave the funds there and they will be credited toward next semester’s charges.
      • Request that Student Financial Services return the money to lenders to reduce loan balances.


  • Billing
  • Question: What may I charge on my account?
    • Answer:
      • At any time a student may charge educational related items in the Campus Store.


  • College Work Study (CWS)
  • Question: Why is CWS not deducted from what I owe?
    • Answer: CWS is paid only after the student secures a job. Compensation is received via payroll and is deposited into your checking or savings account.
  • Question: How do I get a job?
    • Answer: Job listings are posted in the HR office in the Administration Building or on the web at WWW.ACU.EDU/HR.


  • College Work Study (CWS)
  • Question: Do I have to be awarded CWS to get an on-campus job?
    • Answer: NO!
  • Question: What is the wage for a CWS job?
    • Answer: Varies by the job but most are minimum wage.
  • Question: Is there a difference in the wage for students awarded CWS versus those who are not awarded CWS?
    • Answer: No.


  • Your Student Financial Services Counselor is determined by the first letter of your last name:
  • A-C Debbie Oliver
  • D-Hi Bob Smith
  • Hj-Mc Holly McFarland
  • Md-Sh Ann Varner
  • Si-Z Wendy Motley
  • For questions, please call the Depot at 888.588.6083 and they will direct you accordingly.
financial aid and billing18

Financial Aid and Billing

Presented by

Darrell Horn