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BS-Technology Education Degree Program St Petersburg College. Florida Context. Technology Education is a critical need in the State of Florida High demand for certified Technology Education teachers state-wide:

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Bs technology education degree program st petersburg college l.jpg
BS-Technology EducationDegree ProgramSt Petersburg College

Florida context l.jpg
Florida Context

  • Technology Education is a critical need in the State of Florida

  • High demand for certified Technology Education teachers state-wide:

    • 160 new positions open each year according to Florida Dept of Labor study 2002-2020.

  • High demand in the Tampa Bay area: 10-20 new open positions per year in the surrounding five districts (Pasco, Pinellas, Hillsborough, Polk and Manatee).

Technology education l.jpg
Technology Education

  • Technology is the subject matter, while technology education is the means of delivery.

  • The study of technology includes both knowing and doing.

  • Development of technological literacy takes time and requires a consistent structure.

Technology education4 l.jpg
Technology Education

  • Technologyis the modification of the natural environment in order to satisfy perceived human needs and wants.

  • Technological literacyis the ability to use, manage, assess, and understand technology.

  • Technology Educationis a study of technology, which provides an opportunity for students to learn about the processes and knowledge related to technology that are needed to solve problems and extend human capabilities.

Other content areas mistaken for technology education l.jpg
Other Content AreasMistaken for Technology Education

  • Educational Technology: Improve the process of teaching by using technologies.

  • Engineering Technology: Preparing engineer technicians for technical jobs.

  • Business Technology Education: Preparing middle and high school teachers for Business Ed classes, FBLA and DCT

Spc technology education program goals l.jpg
SPC Technology Education Program Goals

  • Mix of process and content (labs, hands-on activities, knowledge and theories)

  • Separate methods courses for middle and high school levels

  • 160 school-based hours before internship

  • Lab/technical courses follow the standards and benchmarks from the Standards for Technological Literacy (ITEA 2000)

Technology education in the school systems l.jpg
Technology Education in the School Systems

  • Elementary Level: Exposure to technology activities

  • Middle School: Exploratory experiences, making informed choices, developing skills and attitudes, and developing adaptive technology skills. Introduction to Florida Technology Student Association.

  • High School: Career-directed course work, develop technological literacy for college, technical school or workforce. FL Technology Student Association

  • College: Preparation for teaching MS and HS technology education. Technology Education Collegiate Association (TECA) national activities.

High school curriculum areas l.jpg
High School Curriculum Areas

  • Information and Communication Technology (printing, Web Page Design, TV Production)

  • Power and Transportation Technology

  • Production Technology (robotics, manufacturing, CNC)

  • Pre-Engineering

  • Illustrative Design, Drafting and CAD

  • Aerospace Technology

  • Medical and Biotechnology

Examples of curriculum units l.jpg
Examples of Curriculum Units

  • Dream Homes (measurement, scale, design, hands-on)

  • Catapult Competitions with Advanced Physics classes

  • Interdisciplinary: work with math, science, language arts

  • Japan Florida Teens Meet Project: transnational work teams make space station, anti-tobacco video

  • TV Production: public service announcements for United Way and promotional videos

    What these all have in common is the applied use of math, science and writing skills that students will

    need to be successful on FCAT and in real life!

Benefits of technology education l.jpg
Benefits of Technology Education

  • Authentic contextual learning

  • School to Work transitions

  • Flexibility with changing technologies

  • Tighter focus on career interests

  • All students succeed by working in cooperative teams

  • True integration of academic and career technical content in one educational area.

Technology education at st petersburg college l.jpg
Technology Education at St Petersburg College

  • Twelve Technology Education core classes

    • Foundational (2)

    • Technical (5)

    • Instructional Methods (5)

  • Coursework linked to state frameworks and national standards

  • Preparation for Florida Teacher Certification Exam

  • Teacher development through professional associations

  • Interdisciplinary curriculum with other COE content areas

  • Three advanced technology education teaching laboratories to cover the multiple content areas, middle school modular units, and standards-based instruction and assessment strategies to prepare future teachers for the varied classrooms across Florida

Core spc tech ed courses online l.jpg
Core SPC Tech Ed CoursesOnline

  • EVT 3192 Foundations of Technology Education (3 credits)

    • Foundational theories, history, Standards for Technological Literacy

  • EVT 3261 Program Management: Technology Education (2 credits)

    • Managing project-based lab, recruiting, TSA, fundraising, advisory boards, lab safety, interdisciplinary curriculum

Technical courses l.jpg
Technical Courses

  • EVT 3402C Materials and Processes w/Lab (4 credits)

    • Polymers, metals,

      plastics, composites and

      ceramics. Focus on

      selection, processing,

      testing and evaluation.

Technical courses14 l.jpg
Technical Courses

  • EVT 4094 Technological Design (3 credits)

    • Technological Method of Problem Solving,

      prototyping, measurement

      engineering design,

      drafting, 2-D CAD,

      3-D CAD and



Technical courses15 l.jpg
Technical Courses

  • EVT 4407C Energy and Power Systems w/Lab (4 credits)

    • Electrical theory,

      solar and nuclear

      power, fuel cell

      technology, and

      impacts of energy

Technical courses16 l.jpg
Technical Courses

  • EVT 4408C Information and Communication Technology w/Lab (4 credit)

    • Elements of design,

      Web page, desktop

      publishing, digital audio

      and video production,

      printing and graphics,

      animation, and



Technical courses17 l.jpg
Technical Courses

  • EVT 3403C Manufacturing and Transportation Tech w/Lab (4 credits)

    • CNC, CAM,

      robotics, automated

      transportation systems,

      aerospace, mag-lev, &

      industrial systems

Methods courses l.jpg
Methods Courses

  • EVT 3123/3946 Middle School Methods for Technology Education/Practicum (4 cr)

    • Standards-based

      instructional and

      assessment strategies

      including modular.

      60 SBH

Methods courses19 l.jpg
Methods Courses

  • EVT 4333/4946 Secondary Methods for Technology Education/Practicum (4 cr)

    • Standards-Based

      instructional and

      assessment strategies

      for high school level.

      60 SBH

Internship l.jpg

  • EVT 4940 Technology Education Internship (12 credits)

    • Culminating pre-service teaching experience in technology education classroom.

    • Expectations of cooperating teachers

      • Involvement with ITEEA or FTEEA

      • Involvement with TSA

      • Teaching Awards

      • National Certification

      • Positive role model

Professional development l.jpg
Professional Development

  • Teacher candidates in the Technology Education program attend:

    • Florida Career and Technical Education conference in mid-October

    • Fall NASA field trip

    • SPC TECA Club trips to national ITEEA conferences or Florida TSA conferences.

    • Publish the “100 Best SPC Technology Lesson Plans” CD as a fundraiser.

Scholarships l.jpg

  • Florida Critical Need Loan Forgiveness

  • Chappie James Career & Technical

  • Florida Gold Seal

  • Florida Bright Futures

  • Florida Technology Education Association

  • International Technology Education Association

  • St Petersburg College

  • Florida Technology Student Association

Professional associations l.jpg
Professional Associations

  • Florida Technology Education Association

  • International Technology Education Association

  • Epsilon Pi Tau

  • Technology Education Collegiate Association

  • Florida Technology Student Association

  • Florida Association for Career and Technical Education

Final words l.jpg
Final Words

  • The world is in the midst of an explosion in technology that will keep accelerating.

  • Students get excited about technology.

  • Excited passionate students working on robotics, aerospace, engineering design in modern laboratories make for a career that you can be excited and passionate about.

    Contact St Petersburg College today!

Contact l.jpg

  • Dr. Thomas Loveland


    • (727) 791-5938

    • http://www.spcollege.