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Aboriginal Canada Portal

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Aboriginal Canada Portal. A Government of Canada Development Project for the Aboriginal Canada Portal with Discussion Focus Groups * * * Mechanics of the Portal Launch. Presentation Agenda Background to Marketing & Communications Consultations Focus Group Participant Organizations

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Presentation Transcript
aboriginal canada portal

Aboriginal Canada Portal

A Government of Canada Development Project for the

Aboriginal Canada Portal

with Discussion Focus Groups

* * *

Mechanics of the Portal Launch


Presentation Agenda

Background to Marketing & Communications Consultations

Focus Group Participant Organizations

Questionnaire Findings

Launch Options

Launch Recommendations

Marketing Recommendations & Roles

Media Analysis & Recommendations


Background to Marketing & Communications Consultations

Step 1: Spring 2000, Focus Group and Consultation, design of the ACP site

Step 2: Winter 2001, Marketing & Communications Research Consultations and Analysis

Phase 1: Media and Event Identification and Analysis

Phase 2: Consultation: a) launch event and participation, b) input into promotional activities and material to market portal

Phase 3: Presentation of findings and ACP working group recommendations


Questionnaire Findings

  • Q1. Is your organization willing/able to partner with the GoC on specific

communication initiatives:

A. Linkage to ACP Home page : 6 out of 6 agreed

A. Distribution of ACP promotional literature

(offices, Annual Assembly/Gathering, ) 6 out of 6 agreed

  • A. Placement of articles about the ACP in your
  • newsletter, web site, etc? 6 out of 6 agreed
  • A. Use/host ACP exhibits/events/conferences, etc? 2 disagreed/4 maybe
  • A. Sending electronic mail to members of your
  • organization to notify about the ACP launch? 5 agreed/1 disagreed
  • A. Other? Funding

Q2. ACP Slogan / tag line:

A. Connecting with the World 2/Good, 4/Fair

  • A. Building a Better Today and Tomorrow 1/Good, 1/Fair, 4/Poor
    • A. Building Dynamic Economies and Communities 2/Fair, 4/Poor
    • A. Investing in Today and the Future 2/Fair, 4/Poor
  • A. A Gateway to Aboriginal Peoples 2/Good, 2/Fair, 2/Poor
  • A. Building Partnerships and Creating Opportunities 2/Fair, 4/Poor
  • A. A Meeting Place 1/Good, 5/Poor
  • A. Other: Building a Better Tomorrow Today,
  • The Gateway to Aboriginal Peoples, Joining the World

Q3. Where do you feel Aboriginal persons get their news?

A. Mainstream, Aboriginal, or Both Aboriginal & Main

  • Q4. Attached to this survey is a proposed ACP

launch scenario. We want your comments:

A. Do you support the proposed scenario, 5 out 6 agreed

A. Is your organization prepared to co-host

the ACP launch, with other Aboriginal

organizations and the GoC? 5 out 6 agreed

A. Is your leader prepared to attend the ACP launch Inconclusive/no date

A. Do you think an invitation should be sent to

the Prime Minister 5 out of 6 agreed

A. Additional comments Media Kit


Q5. Is your organization willing to participate in

a national television program to promote the

ACP launch and web site? 6 out 6 agreed

  • Q6. Proposed ACP launch scenario

A. Ottawa, Museum of Civilization Inconclusive

A. Will your organization co-host 5 out of 6 agreed

  • Q7. Launch date. Inconclusive
Launch Options

Scenario City Probability of Probability of Probable. ACP

all Aboriginal Depart(s) Media Visibility

Leadership Leadership Covering Focus

Attending Attending Launch

Museum of Civilization Ottawa Medium Medium Low/Med High

(Stand alone) March

Indigenous Connectivity Ottawa High Medium High High

Summit, March 28

Summit of the Americas Quebec Medium High High Low

April 20 - 22

Achievement Awards Edmonton High Medium Medium Low

March 16

Organizational Various Low Low Low Medium


GoC Portal Launch Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown

Launch Recommendations

Indigenous Connectivity Summit – Ottawa-based gathering of 200 indigenous leaders from North, Central and South America to discuss technology and connectivity issues, for purpose of technology and development, anticipated will have large media coverage/interest, ACP can attend

Museum of Civilization – Ottawa-based museum facility, has areas for hosting major events with full media capability, ACP booking required

Summit of the Americas– International conference attended by member countries of the Organization of American States, held in Quebec City, will highlight issues at the government level, will have high media coverage/interest, national event that may be overshadowed by international summit

Marketing Recommendations & Roles

Scenario ACP Team / Aboriginal

Working Group Organizations

TV (APTN) Prep/Coordinate Interview leaders

Newspaper (Aboriginal Times) Prep/Review Article Organization Quotes

Organization Newsletter Prep/Article Organization Newsletter

Digital Prep/e-note/link to site Distribute e-mail list link

GoC Canada Site Link to interviews None/interviews

Annual Workshop Set agents Set agents

Media Analysis & Recommendations

Television – Aboriginal companies possessing a national production and broadcast capability with consistent Aboriginal content, identified 1: Aboriginal Peoples Television Network(4,000 – 30,000 viewing audience).

Recommendation APTN

Print Media – Aboriginal publications with regular national distribution, identified 3: Aboriginal Times (250,000), Windspeaker (20,000), The First Perspective (20,000).

Recommendation Aboriginal Times dedicated monthly distribution of 50,000 Aboriginal organizations/persons, and 200,000 Globe & Mail newspaper for urban Aboriginal organizations/persons