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Experiential Marketing – Understanding The Basics Behind The Hype - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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For almost as long as businesses have been in existence, marketing too has been an imperative part of our world. Read more.\n

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For almost as long as businesses have been in existence, marketing too has been an imperative part of our world. No

matter what the product or service in question, people need a way to make sure that the masses are aware of what

is being sold and understand that the brand being advertised is truly the best one out there. As important as

marketing may be in the business world, this function is also the toughest to get right. Businesses need new and

impactful ways to creatively get their message across to clients. Experiential marketing has emerged as a powerful

and effective tool to make it all happen.

Experiential marketing does exactly what it says on the tin; attempts to create an experience because after all, an

experience is more likely to have a positive impact and get a better reaction than the basic communication that we

are used to. From Televisions to Radios, from newspapers to the internet – every media is a potent way to reach

your target audience via experiential marketing. Businesses are making use of these techniques all across the globe.

Remember Blinkbox dropping a giant dragon skull on a Dorset beach to promote the new series of Game of

Thrones? That is how experiential marketing interacts with audiences and makes a connection – by generating

powerful experiences that people will remember.

You might consider experiential marketing to be the proverbial new kid on the block but reality is far from it. Let’s

examine the many marketing techniques under this category that have been in play in the business world since times


Sponsoring related events has always been a powerful experiential marketing technique that brands have

been using to generate real engagement with customers for a long time. It allows the brand to engage with

the event’s participants as well as audiences directly.

Experiential marketingis all about making an impact on the customer’s minds and giving them an experience

that they will remember for many years to come. Chocolate company Milka created several large bars that

had one square missing; those who purchased the incomplete bars where then told that they could have the

missing piece either mailed back to them or mailed to a loved one –the innovative idea caused the brand’s

awareness to skyrocket!

Effective experiential marketing is all about tapping into your customer’s needs inciting emotions that they

will remember. This however, is the hardest part- you will have to touch exactly the right nerve in exactly the

right way. Professional experiential marketing companies however, study the environment, industry and

competition pertaining to your brand to create strategies that will hearts all around.

Just like any other customer outreach format, experiential marketing too produces measurable results that

can be analyzed to gauge the success/failure of the campaign. Whether in the form of email signups, event

attendance or YouTube video views – you will always be able to understand whether or not people are

appreciating your ideas.

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