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Kelsey Community Profile

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Kelsey Community Profile

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  1. Kelsey Community Profile Presented By: http://www.writemywriting.com/

  2. Introduction • Kelsey is situated in the Northwest valley hills. • Has a population of about 625,000 people. • It provides the services of the city. • Kelsey still maintains its small town attraction. www.writemywriting.com

  3. Community Characteristics • It is earth friendly and promotes better quality life. • It is through environmental awareness and healthy lifestyles. • Its restaurants/organic farms provide fresh food staffs. • The city has excellent school districts. • It offers a wide dining and shopping experiences. www.writemywriting.com

  4. Communities In The City • They are spectacular master-planned. • Most are top home builders in the nation. • A good number of them provide: • country clubs • golf courses • parks surrounding pristine lakes in the area. www.writemywriting.com

  5. The Roots Of Kelsey City Inhabitants • Based on the history of self-sufficiency and agriculture • Its annual per capita profit is about $ 17,720. • Residents perform numerous types of work including: • Delivery of equipment and materials • Construction work • Agriculture • Technology consulting services to businesses • People interact in social places. www.writemywriting.com

  6. Community Yearly Occasions • Monthly market for farmers. • Craft fair. • Annual St. Patrick’s Day parade. • Annual balloon festival. • Memorial Day coed softball tournament. • Annual 10k marathon. • Golf tournament. www.writemywriting.com

  7. CSR Of The Community • Members of the community behave decently. • Sensitivity is to cultural, social, environmental, and economic issues. • CSR enables them have a positive result on society. • Development is with involvement for good results. • CSR IS achieved by engaging every individual. www.writemywriting.com

  8. For more information on Kelsey Community Profile Visit: http://www.writemywriting.com/

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