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AWS vs Azure vs GCP | Difference Between AWS, Azure & GCP | Cloud Certification Training | Edureka PowerPoint Presentation
AWS vs Azure vs GCP | Difference Between AWS, Azure & GCP | Cloud Certification Training | Edureka

AWS vs Azure vs GCP | Difference Between AWS, Azure & GCP | Cloud Certification Training | Edureka

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Who’s who? Established in the year 2006, Amazon Web Services is oldest & most experienced player in the market. Comprehensive & evolving cloud computing platform launched in year 2011 by Microsoft With Google investing in its development, GCP is the suit of diverse public cloud computing services Cloud Masters Certification Training

  2. Market Share vs --- vs “Amazon Web Services delivered a 49% increase in sales to $5.44bn for the first quarter of this year. “ “Microsoft, revenue from its Intelligent Cloud division – including Azure –increased 17% to $7.9bn. “ Alphabet, Google’s parent company, said the division saw quarterly revenue grow 36% to $4.5bn. Cloud Masters Certification Training

  3. Market Share vs --- vs 35% Amazon 30% Market Share Worldwide 25% 20% 15% Microsoft Azure 10% Google 5% 0% Q1 2018 Q2 2017 Q3 2017 Q4 2017 Cloud Masters Certification Training

  4. vs Compute Compute Services Services vs Google Google Virtual Servers EC2 Services EC2 Services Virtual Machine Virtual Machine Compute Engine Compute Engine AWS Elastic AWS Elastic Beanstalk Beanstalk Azure Cloud Azure Cloud Services Services Platform-as-a- Service Google App Google App Engine Engine --- Virtual Machine Virtual Machine Image Image Amazon Amazon Lightsail Lightsail VPS Made Easy Container Management EC2 Container EC2 Container Service Service Container Service & Container Service & Container Container Registory Container Engine Container Engine Registory Cloud Cloud Serverless Computing AWS Lambda AWS Lambda Functions Functions Functions(Beta) Functions(Beta) Cloud Masters Certification Training

  5. Amazon Aurora Amazon Aurora Simple Storage Service Simple Storage Service Relational Database Service Relational Database Service Elastic Block Storage Elastic Block Storage Amazon DynamoDB Amazon DynamoDB Elastic File Storage Elastic File Storage Amazon Redshift Amazon Redshift Amazon Glacier Amazon Glacier Storage Services Storage Services Storage Services Storage Services Basic Storage Basic Storage - - 4 4 SQL options SQL options - - 3 3 NoSQL NoSQL - - 2 2 Azure Data Azure Data Warehouse Warehouse Azure Backup Azure Backup - - 3 3 Cloud Storage Cloud Storage Cloud SQL Cloud SQL Cloud Spanner Cloud Spanner Cloud Bigtable Cloud Bigtable Cloud Datastore Cloud Datastore Cloud Masters Certification Training

  6. Athena, Athena, QuickSight QuickSight, , SageMaker Greengrass IOT Greengrass IOT, , AWS Lambda DeepLens DeepLens SageMaker, Lex AWS Lambda & , Lex, , & HDInsight, Azure HDInsight, Azure Datafactory ML Studio, Azure Bot Service ML Studio, Azure Bot Service, , Cognitive Services Cognitive Services, , IOT Hub Datafactory, , Azure Azure Key Cloud Tools Key Cloud Tools IOT Hub, , Functions Functions BigQuery,Cloud BigQuery,Cloud Dataflow, ML Engine ML Engine, , Cloud IOT Core Cloud IOT Core, , Cloud Functions Functions Dataflow, Cloud Cloud Cloud Cloud Masters Certification Training

  7. Pricing Overview On On- -Demand Demand Pricing Pricing Spot Spot Instances Instances On On- -Demand Pricing Demand Pricing Azure Hybrid Benefit Azure Hybrid Benefit Preemptible Preemptible Instances Instances Special Prices for Special Prices for Developers Developers Sustained Sustained Use Use Committed Committed Use Use Microsoft Enterprise Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Agreement Dedicated Dedicated Hosts Hosts Reserved Reserved Instances Instances Cloud Masters Certification Training

  8. Ease Of Implementation Cloud Masters Certification Training

  9. Final Thoughts Head start Head start Firm Foundation Firm Foundation Pricing Pricing Enterprise friendly features Enterprise friendly features PaaS Capabilities PaaS Capabilities ML & Analytics ML & Analytics Support other Support other Platforms Platforms Scale of its offerings Scale of its offerings Lack of services Lack of services Hybrid Cloud Strategy Hybrid Cloud Strategy Cloud Masters Certification Training