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Forthcoming SQL Azure Services: SQL Azure Data Sync & SQL Azure Reporting PowerPoint Presentation
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Forthcoming SQL Azure Services: SQL Azure Data Sync & SQL Azure Reporting

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Forthcoming SQL Azure Services: SQL Azure Data Sync & SQL Azure Reporting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Forthcoming SQL Azure Services: SQL Azure Data Sync & SQL Azure Reporting. Mark Scurrell Lead Program Manager Microsoft. Agenda. Windows Azure Platform Overview SQL Azure Data Sync SQL Azure Reporting Roadmap Quick poll. Cloud Services. INFRASTRUCTURE. PLATFORM. SOFTWARE. CUSTOMER &

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Presentation Transcript
forthcoming sql azure services sql azure data sync sql azure reporting

Forthcoming SQL Azure Services:SQL Azure Data Sync & SQL Azure Reporting

Mark Scurrell

Lead Program Manager


  • Windows Azure Platform Overview
  • SQL Azure Data Sync
  • SQL Azure Reporting
  • Roadmap
  • Quick poll
cloud services
Cloud Services










Online Services

windows azure platform
Windows Azure Platform
  • General Purpose Programing Languages
  • Windows Azure Platform

App Fabric



Relational database

Data Sync




sql azure data sync scenarios
SQL Azure Data Sync Scenarios






SQL Azure Data Sync


Branch Offices

SQL Azure Database






Retail Stores


import export or sync
Import/Export or Sync?




  • BCP
  • SSMS Generate script wizard
  • SQL Server Import& Export Data
  • SSIS
  • SQL Azure Database Copy
  • SQL Azure Migration Wizard
  • DAC
  • DAC Logical Import/Export
  • Migration to/from SQL Server
  • Transfer between SQL Azure servers/databases

All Data


  • Publish to cloud
  • Share between on-prem and cloud apps
  • Some SQL Azure scale-out cases
  • Geo-locality of data
  • One-way or two-way


  • SQL Azure Data Sync
  • Sync Framework
sync on premises with the cloud
Sync On-Premises with the Cloud

Share with Cloud:

  • Two-way

Publish to Cloud:

  • One-way upload

Share with & via Cloud:

  • Upload and download from multiple locations
  • Branch/retail office

Aggregation / Consolidation:

  • Multiple one-way uploads

Share with Clouds:

  • One or Two-way
  • Same or different data centers
sync within the cloud
Sync within the Cloud
  • Read scale-out via multiple copies:
    • E.g. reporting
    • E.g. web site reference data
  • Read/write scale-out via multiple copies:
    • E.g. geo-located web applications – data and applications close to users
  • Same or different data centers
sql azure data sync components
SQL Azure Data Sync Components

Service Data

E.g. Configuration, Logs & Diagnostics

Win Azure Tables

Win Azure Blob

Admin UI

Windows Azure

SQL Azure Data Sync

SQL Azure

Sync Agent


Sync Framework

User Databases

+ Change Tracking

+ Sync meta-data

User Databases

+ Change Tracking

+ Sync meta-data

sql azure data sync behavior overhead
SQL Azure Data Sync – Behavior & Overhead
  • Sync Provisioning:
    • Change tracking via triggers and side-tables
      • Minimal DML overhead
      • No change to user tables
    • Stored procs and meta-data tables
    • Snapshot isolation enabled for SQL Server database
  • Batching:
    • Data change split into batches for transfer
  • Transactional Consistency:
    • Batches split into transactions to apply
    • PK/FK ordering preserved
    • Transaction boundaries at source not preserved
      • E.g. Could get new Order applied in separate transaction to associated new OrderDetails
key features
Key Features
  • No-Code Sync Configuration
    • Easily define data to be synchronized and locations
    • Choose how often data is synchronized
  • Full Data Synchronization Capabilities
    • Two-way sync of same data, as well as one-way sync
  • Conflict Handling
    • Detect and resolve conflicts caused by the same data being changed in multiple locations
  • Logging and Monitoring
    • Administration capabilities for tracking usage
  • Scale
    • Service scales as resources requirements grow
planned v1 features not in ctp2
Planned V1 Features not in CTP2
  • Improved UI & Windows Azure portal integration
  • Column filtering – allow selection of columns
  • Row filtering – filter specification per table
  • Specify conflict resolution policy
  • Specify sync direction per member pair
  • More robust database schema provisioning
  • Cater for schema updates and/or schema sync
  • Billing
sql azure reporting v1 scenarios
SQL Azure Reporting V1 Scenarios

Operational Reports

Embedded Reports

SQL Azure Reporting

Windows Azure Application

BI Developer Studio

SQL Azure Database

RDL File

sql azure reporting value
SQL Azure Reporting Value
  • Who:
    • Developers, System Integrators, Consultants and IT Departments
  • Benefits:
    • Elasticity, scalability and reliability of Cloud Computing
    • Accessibility
  • Cost effective:
    • Decrease Capital expenditure and time-to-solution
  • Symmetrical:
    • Design, develop and deploy your BI solutions using the tools and expertise you already have
sql azure reporting v1 features
SQL Azure Reporting V1 Features
  • Author report using Business Intelligence Development Studio
  • Support SQL Azure as report Data Source
  • Rich Data Visualizations: Charts, Maps and Tablix
  • Render to variety of formats (Excel, Word, XML, PDF)
  • URL Access to directly view reports in browser
  • Developer use Report Viewer control to embed a report in application in connected mode
  • SOAP APIs enable developers to build own applications for reporting
features not in v1
Features not in V1
  • OData, Dallas, on-premises data sources
  • Subscriptions and scheduled delivery of Reports
  • Developer extensibility such as custom data sources, custom assemblies, etc.
  • Native Report Manager experience
  • Users connect to SQL Azure Reporting with their company’s domain credentials
  • SharePoint Integration
  • Creation of report models (SMDL)
v1 updates
V1 Updates
  • User & permission management:
    • Add & remove users who can access reports
    • Assign roles per user per report
  • Performance improvements
  • Billing!
  • SQL Azure Data Sync
    • Limited CTP2: Now
    • Public CTP3: Summer 2011
    • V1: Fall 2011
  • SQL Azure Reporting Services
    • Limited CTP: Now
    • Public CTP: Summer 2011
    • V1: Fall 2011
  • Get further information:
    • Overview information:
    • SQL Azure Forum:
    • SQL Azure Blog:
    • Feature voting:
  • Contact information / CTP access:
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