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Schoolzen - Student Information Systems

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Schoolzen - Student Information Systems - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cloud based Software to power your school. Centralize data and provide access anytime, anywhere. EMPOWER teachers, students and parents with insights for improvement. Read More at

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schoolzen student information systems

SCHOOLZEN Student information systems

Cloud based software to power your school

how schoolzen support s your school
How schoolzen support’s your school?

With our intuitive student information systems schools can become efficient, collaborative and respond faster to students’ needs. We’ve designed for impact and ease of use by teachers, parents and administrators.

benefits of schoolzen sis
Benefits of schoolzen [sis]
  • Schoolzen SIS is the Cloud Hosted, So you can access anywhere and anytime.
  • Schoolzen SIS is responsive and you can access in any devices. (i.e : Desktop / ipad / mobile).
  • Data Privacy – You can control the users to access the features and data.
benefits of schoolzen sis 1
Benefits of schoolzen [sis]
  • Data to Insights – Dashboard are designed for planning student improvement.
  • Schoolzen supports teacher to Collaborate and reflect student needs.
  • Engage with Parents – Teachers can engage with parents regarding the attendance, report cards, behaviour of the students, extracurricular activities and much more.
standards of schoolzen sis
Standards of schoolzen [sis]
  • It adapts to any Curriculum or Standards or Schools.
  • It is suitable for Kinder garden School to Senior Secondary School.
  • It is used to track the Marks / Grades of the students, Levels and the overall mastery tracking about the student.
  • Used to Measure the Learning outcome of the student.
carefully crafted features on schoolzen
Carefully crafted features on schoolzen
  • Student Information Database.
  • Student Attendance & Behaviour.
  • Parent Communication Portal.
  • Managing School Calendar and Events.
  • Managing the Subjects and Teachers Roles.
  • Define Tests, Exam Schedule and Marks Entry.
  • Generating Report Cards.
  • Analytics and Dashboards for mastery tracking.
schoolzen trusted by many international schools
Schoolzen – Trusted by many international schools

For More Details about Schoolzen Visit our Website at

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