seo mistakes with each algorithm update of google n.
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5 SEO Mistakes that are affecting your Websites's Ranking PowerPoint Presentation
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5 SEO Mistakes that are affecting your Websites's Ranking

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5 SEO Mistakes that are affecting your Websites's Ranking - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Are you not getting top ranking on Google. Go through the PPT to find out the 5 common SEO Mistakes that you might be doing. Avoid doing them and get top ranking like never before

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seo mistakes with each algorithm update of google

SEO MistakesWith each Algorithm Update of Google, we focus more and more on advanced issues of SEO and forget about the basics of it. We go crazy when our site does not rank Google as high as we want even after doing everything the Algorithm Update asks us to do. The more we move our focus on these things, the more likely it is that we will stop practising the basics that play important roles in SEO of a Website.

5 seo mistakes that are preventing your website
5 SEO Mistakes that are preventing your website from Ranking
  • Experts at e-Definers Technology, an SEO Company in Delhi, believe that these 5 are the common mistakes that prevents our website from Ranking.
not choosing appropriate keyword
Not Choosing Appropriate Keyword

Choosing the best keyword related to your business or product is very important. While choosing keyword, keep in mind what terms you want your customers to search so that they can find your website.

improper internal linking it is probably

Improper Internal LinkingIt is probably one of the most avoided aspects of SEO. Make sure that your web-pages do not have too many links. It damages the readability and navigation of your website. Having a proper strategy while interlinking enhances your chances of ranking.

plagiarised content
We know that writing the best content can be a very difficult job. But copying is not a solution. It does not only prevent your website’s ranking but can also become a reason behind the penalisation by Google. It is advisable to write contents that appeal to your users.Plagiarised Content
unoptimized images or videos
Unoptimized Images or Videos

Unoptimized images or videos are the result why your website takes too much time to load. Use your targeted keyword as the Alt text in the images. And while optimizing the video, use the keyword in the Meta description.

not having mobile friendly design
Not having Mobile Friendly Design

SEO is not only about having fresh content and relevant keyword. If the design of your website is not mobile friendly, it can also affect your website’s ranking. A lot of your users are browsing your website through mobile. Provide them a better user experience by choosing mobile friendly website design.



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