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Fix "Verification Failed" Issue on iPhone

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Fix "Verification Failed" Issue on iPhone - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fail to log in or connect to iCloud? Here we provide you with the reasons and solutions. You can easily solve this issue via yourself.\n

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Fix "Verification Failed" Issue on iPhone

iCloud is a wonderful service provided by Apple, which allows users to securely store Photos,

Videos, Contacts, Notes, Documents and more on iCloud. Better yet, those contents will be kept up

to date with iCloud and allowed to share on different devices. Personally, I'm used to enabling auto

backup service on iCloud and letting it automatically back up my files (because I'm lazy and it's all

automatic). However, sometimes, users might fail to connect to iCloud or pass the verification.

Let's see a real case I found on Apple Communities.

I keep getting "iCloud Verification Failed. The request timed out" when I'm doing a backup on my

iPhone 6s at home over Wi-Fi. I tried to re-log in a couple of times, but still failed. Anyone knows

what's going on? Why it happened? Any ideas?

Knowing the causes is always the beginning to start solving the problem. So let's check out what

cause the issue and how to fix "iCloud Connection" problem.


Part 1: Situation Might Happen When Fail to Connect iCloud

Part 2: Why Fail to Connect iCloud?

Part 3: The Most Common Method to This Issue

Part 4: Other Feasible Methods You Might Try

Part 5: TryAnother Way to Restore Data from iCloud

Part 1: Situation Might Happen When Fail to Connect iCloud

According to the reports from iOS users across the planet, iCloud connection fails when they attempt

to do the following things. Which situation is what you’re facing now?

1. Change a newApple ID and try to log in iCloud.

2. Try to do a backup manually or automatically.

3. Try to log in iCloud on other devices.

4. Want to set up Family Sharing.

5. Try to restore from iCloud Backup after factory reset.

When it happens, you might be prompted by the warning messages listed as below. There are three

common messages that users might receive.

1. "Verification failed - Could not connect to the server"

2. "Verification failed - The request timed out"

3. "Verification Failed - The connection to iCloud timed out"


Although these messages show with different statements, what they tell you is that you are unable to

connect to iCloud. However, why is it happening? You may find the answers on the following


Part 2: Why Fail to Connect iCloud?

1. Poor network condition. As it requires to connect to Apple service in the first place, you cannot

do it without a network. However, if you are staying at a place with poor signal or network. This

situation would probably happen.

2. iCloud fails to recognize your Apple/iCloud ID. Sometimes there is something wrong with your

account, which makes it fail to be recognized by iCloud. Your account perhaps is incompatible with

Apple service, so you may need to contact Apple in order to solve this issue.

3. If you've enabled "iCloud Backup" on your iDevice, it may be a reason why it fails to connect

iCloud, especially when you enable "iCloud Backup" on one device and try to log in on another

device. You could simply turn it off and try to log in again.


Part 3: The Most Common Method to This Issue

Step 1. Launch "Settings" on iPhone/iPad/iPod. Then, scroll down and select "iCloud" option.

Step 2. Swipe down and tap on "Sign Out". Next, choose "Delete from my iPhone/iPad/iPod".

Step 3. Enter your Apple ID password and tap "Turn Off".

Step 4. Tap "iCloud" and type in your account and password. Then, tap "Sign In" to re-log in iCloud.


Part 4: Other Feasible Methods You Might Try

If the most common method doesn't work on your iOS device, you can try the following solutions.

1. Connect your phone to a good network or Wi-Fi. It would fail to send your request to Apple due

to a poor network condition. Please go find a cafe shop or somewhere with free Wi-Fi and try to

connect to iCloud again.

2. Reset network settings. If you've connected to too much Wi-Fi, it could result in the failure to

associate with another Wi-Fi. Please go to "Settings" > "Reset" > "Reset Network Settings", and then

re-connect to Wi-Fi.

3. Update your device to the latest version of iOS. It could be a bug in the former iOS version that

causes the failure, which would probably be fixed on the latest version of iOS. Therefore, please

update your iPhone via OTAor iTunes.


reset the password of your Apple account, and then try to log in again later.

Go to "Manage your Apple ID" and log in your account to see whether it works. If not, please

5. Turn off "iCloud Backup". Though I've reminded it in the above part, it's necessary to remind

you again. According to the feedback from our readers, it does work. So, please head to "Settings" >

"iCloud" > "Backup" and toggle off "iCloud Backup".


Part 5: TryAnother Way to Restore Data from iCloud

If you're confronting this problem when trying to restore data from iCloud backup. You may try

another way instead. iPhone Data Recovery is a premium software developed into professional data

recovery, which allows users to retrieve up-to-20 types of files from iOS device itself, iTunes or

iCloud with ease. It could help users to recover data from iCloud backup without losing the existing

data on iPhone. Please scroll down and see how exactly it works.

Step 1. Log in iCloud and Download Files from iCloud

Download and install iPhone Data Recovery in the first place. Then, launch the software and tap on

"Restore from iCloud Backup File". Now, please enter your Apple account in order to access iCloud


Note that the software will not record any personal information of users. Please be reassured.

It takes a while to detect the existing backup files on iCloud. After that, please choose an iCloud

backup and tap "Download" button. Now, you will be prompted to choose what types of files to

download from iCloud. Make your choices and highlight them. Then, tap "Next" to continue.

Note that for iOS 9/iOS 10 users, please download the iCloud Panel on Mac/PC at first.


Step 2. Restore Data from iCloud without a Hitch

After the downloading process is complete, you can preview files. If you want to choose all the

contents of a certain kind, done it fast via double click > "Check All". Then, please hit the "Recover

to Computer" button and choose the route. Your contents will be exported and saved to the computer

in no time.


Have you tried the solutions? I'm sure you're now able to access iCloud. Our team manage to solve

all kinds of iOS problems for our readers. If you're having another problem with your iOS device,

please let us know. You'd be glad to help you out.