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Eco Sugarcane Plates In Caribbean PowerPoint Presentation
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Eco Sugarcane Plates In Caribbean

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Eco Sugarcane Plates In Caribbean - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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To eliminate the use of “Styrofoam” and other products that are harmful to our health and the environment by becoming the largest supplier/manufacturer of biodegradable food containers in the Caribbean.

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about us

About Us

After marrying a native Antiguan and a University of Health S

ciences Antigua owner, Adedayo Akande, in early 2016, I deci

ded to leave the US for a more permanent home on the island

of Antigua. Throughout my visits to the island over the last 10

years, I was amazed by its scenic beauty but also by the beaut

y of the people who live here. I have always been welcomed

with open arms and have met so many incredible people along

the way. During my trips to the island I also experienced a not

-so-beautiful side to the island; the lack of recycling resources

and the amount of environmental waste that takes place daily.

I quickly realized that “Styrofoam” is about as common as a c

oconut on the side of the road. I knew there was more that I co

uld do to help this beautiful island STAY beautiful. So, I creat


our products

Our Products




why eco island

Why Eco Island

When disposed of, our products will biodegrade within 60-120 days i

nstead of the typical “Styrofoam” container that will stay in our ocea

ns and on our land for 500+ years, and takes up 25-30% of the landfil

ls (and that’s not counting what is littered throughout our beaches an

d streets). Our beautiful oceans are filled with pieces of toxic “Styrof

oam” that are consumed by the wildlife animals. These animals event

ually die of malnutrition from what they thought was food that they

were eating. In addition to the harmful effects “Styrofoam” has on t

he environment and ecosystems, it also contains chemicals that can d

o major harm to our bodies. “Styrofoam” is known to contain chemi

cals such as neurotoxins styrene and benzene which have been link

ed to cancer, vision and hearing loss, impaired memory and concentr

ation, and nervous system effects. These toxins seep into our foods a

nd enter our bodies without us even realizing.

contact us

Contact Us

Please feel free to leave a message to us if you have any queries or just

wanted to say hello. We would love to hear from you anytime.

Your Phone calls are always welcome, ring us at:

Antigua -(268) 770-7687

USA - (312) 714-0409

Website :