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Understanding the Common Parental Complaint of “Not studying”

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Understanding the Common Parental Complaint of “Not studying”

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  1. Understanding the Common Parental Complaint of “Not studying”

  2. Parents of a teen undergo various challenges because adolescence is the most fragile stage of life. That is a transitional phase between being a naughty and fun loving toddler to a responsible and cultured adult. Amongst the various teenage problems, “Not Studying” is one of the most common concerns of parents.

  3. To rightly understand the common parental complaint of ‘Not Studying’, it is best to first analyze yourself and understand your concern about your child not studying enough. Here are some common parenting concerns that I have come across in my counseling albeit:

  4. Concern1: My child is intelligent and I feel he can do better in studies Most of the parents approach me with this concern but is it necessary that the intelligence your child beholds should be in the field of academics. If not a high ranker in school, your child can portray excellent caliber in sports, dancing, technology, or any other field.

  5. Concern2: All others of the same age group in my extended family are high rankers Many parents have this concern. Unfortunately, as parents you fail to understand that your child is not your reputation symbol, rather a fulfilling slice of your life. Ask yourself, do you want to see your child growing in life or do you just look at pushing him beyond his or her own cousins?

  6. Concern3: The society starts holding me responsible for not being a good mother It certainly hurts when someone blames you for not being a good mother. Certainly it is unreasonable yet the Indian Society holds the mother responsible for underperformances of the child in all aspects. However, it is on you how you overcome this belief of the society and help your child evolve to a high performer in the field of life.

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