a broken shoulder scapula fractures n.
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Scapula Fracture | Best Scapular Fracture Treatment in Jayanagar | Praxis Ortho Care PowerPoint Presentation
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Scapula Fracture | Best Scapular Fracture Treatment in Jayanagar | Praxis Ortho Care

Scapula Fracture | Best Scapular Fracture Treatment in Jayanagar | Praxis Ortho Care

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Scapula Fracture | Best Scapular Fracture Treatment in Jayanagar | Praxis Ortho Care

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  1. A BROKEN SHOULDER- SCAPULA FRACTURES By - Dr. Sushal Shanthakumar Orthopedic Surgeon Bangalore


  3. A broken shoulder, the scientific terms is scapula fractures are not common, and they can cause severe pain. The reasons behind the 75% of scapula (shoulder blade) fracture are because of traumatic events, such as a motor vehicle or bicycle accidents. It can also happen because if you are involved in sports like football, or sports involving significant heights. ( rock climbing or cheerleading) If we compare with all other fractures, Scapula fractures are about 1% of all fracture and if we compare with the fracture of the shoulders then it will account for 3% to 5%.If we see only shoulder fracture then the two most common fractures are the clavicle (collarbone) and humerus (upper arm) bones.

  4. Scapula fractures are common in men with the age group of 25 to 45. Fractures can occur in different areas of the scapula The human body has two scapula bones, one on each side of the upper back, and each scapula connects to a clavicle (collarbone) to a humerus (upper arm bone). A scapula is large, triangular-shaped bone divided into many parts: Scapular body (the large, flat, triangle- shaped area of the scapula) Acromion ( bony projection of the scapula located at the top-most part of the shoulder) Coracoid, (curved, hook-like projection off the front of the scapula) l Glenoid (shoulder socket) Scapular neck (a portion of the bone that connects the glenoid and the scapular body)

  5. Orthopedic surgeons distinguish scapula fractures by where they occur in the bone.Out of all scapular fracture: 50 to 60% have a scapular body fracture·          25% have a scapular neck fracture SYMPTOMS OF SCAPULA FRACTURES Severe pain is the first symptom of the scapula. This pain is often: Immediate Localized to the upper back (across the shoulder blade, and/or at the top of the shoulder) The pain increases  by arm movement or taking deep breaths,(this is due to  chest wall movement may cause the fractured scapula to move While moving the arm at rest acute pain will be there Patient may not lift the arm at all

  6. Scapula fractures will also cause some other associated symptoms. Apart from severe pain, a person with a scapular fracture may experience: Bruising and swelling ( shoulder and upper back ) During shoulder movement, a grinding sensation is felt Not able to lift  the affected arm Persistent tingling and  weakness in the arm The shoulder may even appear flattened, drooped, or disfigured It is very important to take medical attention if the above symptoms are experienced. Emergency medical attention is also recommended if the: Person is short of breath, Has reduced feeling in the injured arm, Decreased blood flow to the arm (diminished pulse) Abdominal pain, 0r any other concerning symptoms

  7. CAUSES AND RISK FACTORS FOR SCAPULA FRACTURES Risk factors for scapular fractures are as follows: Participating in contact sports (football, baseball) Sports activity which has more chance of  falling,( rock climbing, bicycling, or horseback riding Osteoporosis Decreased bone mass It is very important to understand that scapula is protected by the chest and shoulder muscles. For scapula to get fracture significant force is needed  so we can say that Scapula fractures are uncommon.

  8. So if there is a scapula fracture then there should be a complete medical assessment to ensure that there are no additional injuries. To learn more about our orthopedic services by the Best Scapular Fracture Doctor in Bangalore or schedule an appointment  or give  us a call at +91 968-641-8750

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