welcoming world cup football to africa n.
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Welcoming World Cup football to Africa PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcoming World Cup football to Africa

Welcoming World Cup football to Africa

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Welcoming World Cup football to Africa

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  1. Welcoming World Cup football to Africa Design brief – South Africa 2010

  2. Am I so round with you as you with me, That like a football you do spurn me thus? You spurn me hence, and he will spurn me hither: If I last in this service, you must case me in leather. Shakespeare, A Comedy of Errors (Act II Scene 1)

  3. From Sino-Shakespheran tradition to South Africa • A game first played by the Chinese around 2 BC (Han dynasty) • First known quote was from Shakespeare’s A comedy of errors • Jules Rimet, the FIFA president then made the first world cup possible, 1928 in Uruguay • Italy are the holders (2006) • South Africa become the first African nation to host a world cup final, in 2010

  4. The 6S of football • Football is dependent on 6S factors • Strength • Sweat • Skill • Strategy • Spectator power • Star power The Design Conspiracy:Hold on a minute. You’ve lost us a bit. The Shakespeare quote was unnecessary but interesting so we stuck with it, same with the last slide and this one. But all three in a row? Too much, too confusing.

  5. Strength • It is Stamina, endurance, the ability to be on the ball for near 2 hours of play • And most importantly, the inner strength, conviction, courage and confidence

  6. Sweat • Hard work in the field, ability to keep fighting continually for 2 hours – without a break • Ability to smell success from nowhere and to keep going beyond the one win at sight

  7. Skill • Expertise, the fluency of your game, the ability to open-up all the avenues possible • Beating the opponent both in mind as well as on the field The Design Conspiracy:You’re gonna take us through all six aren’t you?

  8. Strategy • Imagination, the game plan, the roadmap to victory • The team work and distribution of workload on the field

  9. Spectator power • The catalyst to keep you going, the cheer, the Mexican wave and the odd abuse from the fans of the opposing camp, those rants and rave reviews in the newspaper columns

  10. Star power • The 5S’s mentioned above combine to give birth to stars in the team, the most valued players / coaches / teams, a power horse

  11. The Design Conspiracy:OK. You’ve used 11 slides and we still haven’t got anywhere really. The S’s thing seemed off the point and there are better descriptions of the passion of football elsewhere. That was football for you, an eventful combination of 6 essential S factors…Now add another S to it, South Africa and that is World Cup 2010.

  12. Proposition: EventFull AfricaThe geography & the history of the continent combines with the legacy of the great game of football to produce the greatest event of 2010 in South Africa The Design Conspiracy:This should have been slide two. Or even slide one.

  13. Mascot: Impala – The antelopeImpala are among the most beautiful and graceful of the antelopes. Exceedingly agile, they are capable of leaping more than 10 m in a single bound. And they are unique to the African continent • Why Impala? • The Springbok would be an overkill • We need a mascot that would add local flavor to the flair of the game of football • Be an unique respresentation of the African culture. A mascot that represents the free sprit of Africa and that of the game

  14. Now what do we need? The Design Conspiracy:A list is good, but probably not here. The eventual link with SA was good but should have been made sooner. The 6 S’s stuff could have made one good concise slide. Too long and unfocused. • Translation of the proposition into • A logo for the event • A rendition of the mascot, Impala • The marketing collaterals • A short film curtain raiser • The opening ceremony – Celebrating “EventFul Africa”