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ISS Smart Flow solution for managers who need their everyday work neatly organized, and information available all the ti PowerPoint Presentation
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ISS Smart Flow solution for managers who need their everyday work neatly organized, and information available all the ti

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ISS Smart Flow solution for managers who need their everyday work neatly organized, and information available all the ti - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ISS Smart Flow solution for managers who need their everyday work neatly organized, and information available all the time. Innovative Smart Systems Ltd. © 2006-2007 Innovative Smart Systems Ltd . Why Smart Flow.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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ISS Smart Flowsolution for managers who need their everyday work neatly organized, and information available all the time

Innovative Smart Systems Ltd.

© 2006-2007 Innovative Smart Systems Ltd.

why smart flow
WhySmart Flow
  • Sooner or later each office becomes flooded with paper and electronic documents. It becomes really difficult to find needed information on time.
  • Smart Flow is a product of Innovative Smart Systems Ltd, internally used in company’s office. It is aimed to improve organization of everyday office work, to ease the tracking of work processes, and partially automate the population of similar documents by separating data and documents, and by using templates.
  • Smart Flowseparates everyday work in two main branches – categories and work processes – folders containing documents, data and related contacts.
key features
Key Features:
  • Eases the management of company or organization, as well as the tracking of everyday tasks.
  • Organizes everyday work in folders – categories and work processes.
  • Makes organization of office work flows and document flows clearer.
  • Automates filling in of similar electronic forms.
  • Provides shared contacts and shared scheduler for meetings and appointments to all users of same database server.
  • Sends automatic process/task notification messages to all users involved.
  • Allows easy data import or export.
  • Provides useful search capabilities, for looking up specific text in categories, processes, tasks or documents.
  • Maintains several levels of security for categories, processes, tasks and documents.
  • Allows quick backup and restore of confidential documents.
  • Allows creation of custom entry forms or reports for different categories, as to the client’s requirements.
document management
Document Management:

Smart Flowworks with several types of documents, which is usual for most companies and organizations:

  • Electronic documents – you can import and work with existing files, or create new documents of certain types. Smart Flowinternally recognizes, can look up text or populate data in most commonly used office files, such as the documents used by MS OfficeorOpen Office, text files, and some other document types.
  • Scanned documents– these are the paper documents you would like to transfer into electronic form.Smart Flowprovidesspecial screen for scanning,and work with scanned documents. The scanned documents’ text could be automatically recognized by available OCR software for looking up specific text later.
  • Paper documents– these are paper documents you don’t like to transfer into electronic form at the moment. You can only add references to these documentsin Smart Flowand optionally scan them later.
  • Hyperlinks – these are hyper links to web pages in Internet. You can copy them from your favorite web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera,etc.) into documents screen ofSmart Flow, and also provide short description. Later when you click on hyperlink-document, the web browser will open up and show you the needed web page.
  • The organization of everyday work inSmart Flowis separated into two main branches: categories and work processes.
  • Categoriesare folders containing documents, data and related contacts. These folders are constant or change rarely in time. For instance these are documents related to the staff, long term documents with clients, internal documents for company or organization, manuals, etc.
  • All data and contacts added to a category is copied later to its sub-categories, work processes or tasks, created into that category.
work processes
Work Processes
  • Work Processesare folders within categories, which also contain documents, data, and related contacts, but these folders are limited in time, have definite start date, work stages/steps, optionally due dates for steps, or due date for process as a whole. For instance these are contracts with clients for specific services or delivery of goods, projects your office works on, cases (for lawyers), etc.
  • Each work process and its steps/tasks have specific state – not started, in progress, finished, cancelled, etc.
  • Each work process or its steps/tasks could have specific workers assigned, so you can easily track them. Also each process or step could have specific due date set, so all assigned workers would be notified when the due date approaches.
shared contacts
Shared Contacts
  • Smart Flowallows you to create or import the contacts your office works with.These contacts could be related later to different categories or work processes.
  • For each contactapart of contact standard data, you can also specify various custom data, along with contact category, or company / organization the contact belongs to.
  • Contacts could be registered as workers, and later be assigned to work processes or their tasks/steps.
  • The active or finished work processes, to which this contact is related or assigned as worker, could be easily tracked. The meetings and appointments for which this contact is assigned as participant, could be easily tracked as well.
data documents templates
Data, documents, templates
  • Smart Flowallows creation and usage of arbitrary data in all categories, work processes and their tasks/steps.
  • All custom data could be later used for automatic population of similar documents based on templates – e.g. contracts, tenders, etc. – where only the data is changed in different documents.
  • Smart Flowallows you to create document templates for different user groups,as to the specifics of their work,and data needed to be used later for automatic document population.
  • The often used work processes could be also separated as workflow templates, along with their steps, data, documents and related contacts.
shared scheduler
Shared Scheduler
  • Smart Flow provides shared scheduler for meetings and appointments, available to all users within your office.
  • You can create single-time or recurrent meetings or appointments – recurring daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.
  • You can specify category for appointment, participants, location, as well as data, documents or other contacts related to it.
  • Smart Flowtakes care to remind for the meeting/appointment to the user who has created it, as well as to users assigned as participants for that appointment.
security and archives
Security and Archives
  • Smart Flow provides several levels of security for data, documents, work processes, categories, and contacts.
  • Each category, work process, document or contact could be set as private or confidential. The private data is available only to the user who has created it. Confidential data is available to users who have permissions to see the confidential information.
  • Smart Flowprovides additional module for back up and restore of databases, as used by the application. Smart Flow can work with databases which use encrypted files for higher data security.
  • For extremely sensitive documents there is an option provided by Smart Flow, to quickly backup or restore them. This means that you can back up those marked documents in seconds removing them from database while you’re away from the office. Later you can restore those documents back, and work with them.
  • Smart Flowallows you to back up old or redundant documents stored in documents repository in order to keep the database clean. You can later restore them at any time, if you need them back, or if other user requests them.
  • Smart Flowallows application customizations, asto the specific way of work, requirements and subscription type of each client.
  • Application customizations include creation of specific data entry forms replacing the standard Smart Flow data list entry form for given categories, creation of custom reports and lists, as to the client’s requirements, and creation of specific import/export interfaces to other software applications used by the client.