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Writing Your Own Book

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Writing Your Own Book. Theme – person/ family Gather genealogy data – certificates, family tree, authentic sources, photos, other documents Arrange into chapters – origin, trip, settlement, family…

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Writing Your Own Book

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writing your own book
Writing Your Own Book

Theme – person/ family

Gather genealogy data – certificates, family tree, authentic sources, photos, other documents

Arrange into chapters – origin, trip, settlement, family…

Collecting data on spousal lines also elicits some unexpected information to help build your own family file

Visit the suburb/town where your ancestor lived – museum, antique shops (old photos), library, neighbours etc

Sub-themes may emerge – sporting / war heroes, family businesses / occupations, prominent citizens…

It’s Easy !

putting it all together
Putting it all together
  • Disclaimer – cover yourself legally
  • General acknowledgement – won’t miss anyone
  • Sources – for every fact, back it up
  • Contents at front & Alpha Index at back
  • Proof reading – several helpers
  • Secure orders in advance - expenses
  • Notify people again about your intention to publish – Daily Telegraph / mail
  • ISBN International Serial Book Number – people worldwide will be able to find
  • Lodge copy with National & State Library and relevant family history groups
  • Do not include family tree – keep separate, either printed or CD – can be added to /changed
  • Best website – Rootsweb – met relatives

Emanuel Sebastiano DANERO, born 20th January 1807, San Marco, Genova, Italia

Parents, Pietro Antonio DANERO and Angela GARDELLA


Emanuel told his family he came to Australia in 1826. There is also a newspaper article in 1919 indicating same.

This is the alley near where Emanuel’s family lived in 1827 – he was at home in 1827 when a census was taken.


Dott. Ricardo de Rosa, via Negroli 55 20133 Milano


Euro 24 / hour

Home near Piazza de Ferrari


After sailing to Mauritius on the Lord Rodney, Emanuel boarded a ship bound for “New Holland”.

He bought the license to a pub at The Rocks called “The Black Dog” but was cheated out of a lot of money. He vowed he would always, in future, consult a solicitor before setting up a business.

Continued sailing the Pacific as 2nd in command, on the “Dart”. He did a lot of trading and some of these artefacts are still in the family.

Naturalised 1852.

whale s tooth
Whale’s tooth

Collected by Emanuel during his voyages around the Pacific ocean around 1830 on “The Dart” and “Lord Rodney”


Emanuel was 27 & Mary Comer 15 when they married in Sydney on 20th January 1834. Her father handed over the Bath Arms and 14 acres surrounding the hotel at Burwood when they married.

They had 14 children.

Mary’s family owned 650 acres, called ‘Comerton Park Estate’, 5 miles from Mittagong, which sold in 1928 for 42 pounds per acre.

Mary died in 1863 at the age of 44 after the birth of the last child. There is a ghost.

“The Sun” newspaper 23 May 1931:-

Before Burwood had a name,

when it was a straggling settlement between coach routes

on the Parramatta and Liverpool Roads,

Rowley’s farm and Faithful’s farm gave their names to the district.

The settlement kept pace with other developments on Parramatta rd,

and a seal was set upon its importance when it became a changing

station for coaches from Parramatta, Bathurst, Windsor and other inland towns.

The Bath Arms, that ancient hostelry at the corner of

Burwood and Parramatta Rds –

no longer will the dusty coaches from out-back

clatter into its courtyard and disgorge weary travelers,

thankful to be on their last lap to Sydney.

Imagine all the colorful colonial history Emanuel became part of!

Opposite the Bath Arms was where English soldiers flogged convicts.

Emanuel deplored this cruelty, and would often visit and help

the Canadian rebels who were detained in the stockade at

Longbottom Concord. He would take them newspapers.

He later employed one of the French Canadians in his hotel.


Original building sold to a brewery for 8,000 pds, demolished 1932


James Comer

1829 - 1836

Emanuel Neich

1836 – 1893

Mary Ann Jane Neich

1893 – 1909

Burwood Neich

1909 – 1919

The Bath Arms Hotel, corner Burwood & Parramatta Roads

James Comer, a convict, came from Bath, so presume this is where he got the name.

bath arms stables housed hrh prince alfred s elephant in 1867
Bath Arms stableshoused HRH Prince Alfred’s elephant in 1867

Extract from Burwood Jubilee Book 1874-1924:

Emanuel Neich was one of the oldest of Burwood’s citizens

having taken up residence in the district in 1834 as licensee

of the Bath Arms Hotel on Parramatta Road. He conducted this hotel

until the time of his death in 1893 a period of 60 years.

He was intimately associated with all progressive movements

and played a great part in the early life of the district.

His hotel was always admirably conducted and he retained the

respect and esteem of all who knew him.”


Extract from Burwood Jubilee book, by George Simpson, Burwood Councillor from 1888:

Emanuel Neich, an Italian, I see him now - a dark, handsome dapper man, who always wore a tall, black silk hat while about his avocations, always courteous and obliging - I heard many a tale of olden days. An honourable, courteous gentleman.


Lansdowne House

Burton Street


Built c. 1853

Classified by NSW National Trust as ‘significant’


Emanuel’s eldest child, Susannah, and husband, Richard Hutchinson Roberts

(MLA 1864-1903)

Susannah Roberts - first to be operated on by Dr Walter Brown in 1878. She was 50yrs of age and taken by dray from her home at Bowral to Parramatta. She was operated on at Old Government House Parramatta. The doctor removed an ovarian tumour which was large enough to fill a wash basin, and weighed 14 ozs.

richard s two grandfathers prominent colonists
Richard’s two grandfathers – prominent colonists

William Roberts,

‘the road builder’,

publican and grazier

He started a stage wagon service between Sydney and the Hawkesbury

He constructed, inter alia, George St, Sydney, Old South Head Road and the Liverpool Road

He was the first official landholder at Bondi

William Hutchinson,

Superintendent of Convicts


“Roberton Park”, Bowral NSW

“Currawong”, Harden NSW


Emanuel’s second child, Mary Ann Neich, married Richard Wynne. They became the first Mayor& Mayoress of Burwood (inaugurated the Wynne Art Prize)first settlers at Mt Wilsonnear Lithgow, a descendant still lives at the house, the Turkish bath house was donated by the family to the Mt Wilson historical society

emanuel mary cupitt great grandparents of sir donald bradman
Emanuel & Mary Cupittgreat-grandparents of Sir Donald Bradman

During his marriage to Mary Comer, he had an affair with Mary Cupitt, a barmaid from the Southern Highlands.

They had one daughter, Sophia Jane Neich, born 1846, between the births of his 6th and 7th child to Mary Comer.

Sophia went on to marry William Whatman and they were the grandparents of Sir Donald Bradman.

Courtesy of Library of South Australia


Emanuel and Mary Parkinson had 10 children

Total for Emanuel: 25 plus possibly more

Emanuel died 14th October 1893 at the Bath Arms, he is buried at St John’s Anglican Church, Ashfield together with Mary Comer and 7 other family members.

Mary Parkinson-Neich

is buried at Rookwood with some of her children.


This family history

in honour of my father


Dad’s mother, Sadie McDonald, grand-daughter of Emma Jane Neich who married Edward McDonald. Emma was Emanuel and Mary Comer’s 6th child 1845 - 1907