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Session 5—Review Quiz1

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Session 5—Review Quiz1. How much data does a floppy disk hold?. 1.44 MB. What error is caused when you attach a floppy data cable backward?. It will not break anything It will not work. Where do you go to configure a floppy drive?. CMOS. How many reads can you get off of a floppy disk?.

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Presentation Transcript
what error is caused when you attach a floppy data cable backward
What error is caused when you attach a floppy data cable backward?
  • It will not break anything
  • It will not work
what happens when you use a usb 2 0 device in a usb 1 0 connector
What happens when you use a USB 2.0 device in a USB 1.0 connector?
  • You get the slower speeds
  • 12 Mbps
  • USB 1.0
xd is
xD is?
  • Half the size of an SD card
  • Popular in phones and cameras
sampled sound is
Sampled sound is?
  • PCM
  • Sound with a wave form which is sampled at every certain thousand times per second
a 7 1 sound card has
A 7.1 sound card has?
  • Connections for center channels
  • Connections for digital connections
  • Connections for subwoofers
how can you stop autoplay from starting
How can you stop AutoPlay from starting?
  • Hold the shift key when you insert the CD
most sounds are
Most sounds are
  • PCM
  • Sampled sound
video cards have
Video cards have?
  • Their own RAM
crt is
CRT is?
  • Cathode Ray Tube
what is a triad
What is a triad?
  • A blue, green, red phosphor
  • Smallest point of color we can create on the screen
what makes a lcd work
What makes a LCD work?
  • Light is twisted
what is the round din looking connector on a video card
What is the round DIN looking connector on a video card?
  • A proprietary connector that acts as conversion for some of the more common types of connectors
what are lumens
What are Lumens?
  • Brightness of your projector
compare the gpu with the cpu
Compare the GPU with the CPU
  • Can be as powerful in very high end video cards
  • Used for gaming
who should get low end video cards
Who should get low end video cards
  • Business
  • Word processing
  • Email use
what is hibernate mode
What is Hibernate mode?
  • Computer shuts down everything including your RAM itself.