DAMAI Support of Speaker Tours
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DAMAI Support of Speaker Tours 2008 Deborah Henderson V.P. Education and Research Tour Grants to Chapters since 2002. Chapters. Benefits for Chapters Reduced Cost by “sharing” Celebrated speakers – chapter visibility Collaboration with other chapters.

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DAMAI Support of Speaker Tours


Deborah Henderson

V.P. Education and Research

Tour Grants to Chapters since 2002

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  • Benefits for Chapters

    • Reduced Cost by “sharing”

    • Celebrated speakers – chapter visibility

    • Collaboration with other chapters.

  • Risks for Chapters

    • Not enough interest by membership

    • Expense – no way to recoup

    • Timing doesn’t work with chapters meetings

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  • Benefits for Speakers

    • High Exposure.

    • Good will.

    • Some potential income from contacts.

  • Risks for Speakers

    • Extended stay away from home.

    • Jet lag, and then some.

    • Expenses up front.

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Strategic direction

  • DAMAI does not start the tour proposal, the chapters do

  • DAMAI does not recommend speakers, it publicizes speakers who are willing and able (update of speakers page will be required)

  • Model for shared costs is worked out by chapters

  • (inter-city travel and stay-over costs and will be difficult points to agree on, however it will be a necessary part of proposal)

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  • Interest is driven by the chapters: we don’t assume what

  • they want

  • DAMAI risk in recommending speakers disappears

  • (partisan/endorsement problem)

  • Financial support is front and centre, chapter benefit is

  • tangible. In the past tour support was for

  • arrangements - financial support was not offered.

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What’s a Regional Tour?... geographic affinities we expect to see

Local DAMA Chapters

Puget Sound



Montana –



Upper NY State






St. Paul

















New York City



New Jersey


2 Ohio Chapters











National Capital





Kansas City



Mtn. Region


St. Louis


Central Virginia




Central PA




Los Angeles





San Diego





Heart of Texas


Chapters in...




Australia (4)

British Columbia, Canada

Toronto, Canada

Milan, Italy


London, UK


India (4)


Africa (2)





And Global Chapter

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Chapters to provide normal speaker logistical support to see

  • Recommendations for 2-3 hotels within reasonable distance of Airport, or near speaking venue.

  • Name & Contact Number for VP Education of the local chapters (Speaker support).

  • All local transportation for speaker

  • Possible booking of travel arrangements

    (some speakers do their own)

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Chapters to provide normal speaker logistical support..cont’d

  • Necessary presentation equipment for speaker, & overhead copies for attendees.

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For DAMAI support we need even more info from Chapters support..cont’d

  • List of participating Chapters for the regional tour.

  • Proposed itinerary for speaker (order and timing of chapters in the tour)

  • Total estimated cost for tour (within 20% error if possible), documented

  • Request for funding itemized by chapter, endorsed by all participating chapters

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‘Estimated Costs’ defined as: support..cont’d

  • Local transportation costs

  • Presentation equipment & overhead copy costs

  • Incidentals, per diem/expenses for speaker

  • Inter-city costs

  • Speaker fees NOT to be covered by DAMAI or used in calculation in any way.

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Costs cont’d: support..cont’d

  • Expect that costs will be different in each city, will have to be itemized for each chapter/city

  • Inter-city and stay-over costs must be included in the estimate by the involved chapters, and a strategy for payment agreed

    to by the chapters

  • Can include 1 dinner with the Board - including Board members dinner - speakers get lonely !

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Sample Cost Elements support..cont’d

  • if applies

  • x number of chapters

  • x number of nights + weekends

  • x number of days of tour

  • local cost not to be included

    = Total cost

  • Intl Airfare

  • Inter-chapter Airfares

  • Hotel stays – including bridging nights, like weekends

  • PerDiem/expenses

  • dinner, bkfst, lunch, personal

  • local incidentals

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Program Rules support..cont’d

  • Each application for financial support of speaker tour must involve:

    at least 2 chapters with speaker(s) travelling directly between chapters within 3 days to speak at a local program

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Program Rules…cont’d 2 support..cont’d

  • DAMAI will support 30% of budgeted expenses up to max $1500 estimated costs (as per guidelines above) of the total tour, if:

    • the chapters’ proposal meets the qualifications

    • they submit the information needed to DAMAI

    • fits within the annual budget of DAMAI for this sponsorship program on a “ first come first serve” basis

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Program Rules…cont’d 3 support..cont’d

  • DAMAI will work with only one chapter, a Coordinating chapter

  • Proposal itemized down to chapter level

  • DAMAI will not write the cheque for the speaker for costs (speaker has agreement with chapters not us)

  • Any overage in actual costs will be dealt with on a group basis, up to the stated limits of the Program

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Program Rules…cont’d 4 support..cont’d

  • DAMAI will write one cheque per tour

  • Disbursement is up to the Coordinating chapter,

  • but a plan for this must be addressed in the proposal

  • Receipts for costs to be claimed need to be

  • submitted to the VP_Finance DAMAI to support

  • the actual costs claimed

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Conclusions support..cont’d

  • Publicity to chapters is crucial for program and rules.

  • Forum for announcing opportunities to form a tour (education listserv, tours web page)

  • Advertising of tour on our DAMAI website

  • It’s a 2 way street DAMAI will support with:

    • Names of Speakers willing and interested in doing tours (credentials not checked)

    • Regional affinities: suggest other chapters to the co-ordinating chapters as they begin to recognize their

      region - raise awareness of ‘newly forming chapters’