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Creating a Kangaroo's Kingdom A WebQuest for 4th Grade about Kangaroos Designed by Jessica Craib Based on a template from San Diego State University’s The WebQuest Page Introduction

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Creating a Kangaroo's Kingdom

A WebQuest for 4th Grade about Kangaroos




Based on a template from San Diego State University’s The WebQuest Page



Congratulations! You and your teammates have been selected by the curator at the local zoo to gather information about Kangaroos for the new exhibit. Each team member will pick a role to assume while gathering the information. Your research needs to be completed within the week, the animals arrive in 2 months! For your final product you and your team will create an informational brochure containing all of the information he has requested. You must begin now, there isn’t much time!



  • You and your team members must gather information to create an informational brochure that will be given to the zoo curator. The brochure must include information about the habitat Kangaroos live in, what Kangaroos eat, and how they move.


  • 1. You will be assigned to work with two other students by the teacher.
  • 2. As a group, you will each decide which role you would like to play during this activity. There is one role for each team member. The roles are listed below. Pick one and begin researching your area of expertise. This research is done independently.
  • Habitat Creator- Your area of expertise is animal habitats. You will research where kangaroos live. The information you gather will be used to create a home for the new animals at the zoo. Listed below are online resources you may want to use:
  • Tourism Australia
  • Red Kangaroos
  • San Diego Zoo
  • Food Manager- You are an expert in knowing what kinds of food animals require to survive. You must research what kinds of food Kangaroos eat. The information you provide for the brochure will tell the curator what kinds of food the zoo will need to feed the animals. The online resources below will be helpful:
  • The Big Zoo
  • Kangaroo Facts
  • National Wildlife Federation
  • Roger Williams Park and Zoo


process continued
Process (continued)
  • Mobility Expert- You are fascinated with the different ways that animals move. You must research how Kangaroos move. The following websites will be helpful for you:
  • Australian Koala, Kangaroo, Kookaburra Page
  • Kangaroo Facts
  • San Diego Zoo
  • National Wildlife Federation
  • 3. When you have completed your research you and your team should
  • have a team meeting to discuss your findings. During this meeting
  • you should begin planning your informational brochure. When
  • designing your brochure remember to include:
    • Pictures
    • A map of Australia
    • Title
    • The required information (cited if needed)
  • 4. Create your informational brochure using computers and MS Word
  • Before giving the curator your final brochure, you should evaluate it using the Rubric linked to this WebQuest




The following rubric will used to assess your teams brochure. All of the members in your team will be given the same score.



Congratulations! Your informational brochure was a success! You and your team members have learned where Kangaroos live, what they eat, and how they move. The zoo curator was so impressed with your team’s work that he has asked you to help gather information for two new exhibits in the Fall!


Credits & References

  • I would like to thank the local zoo for allowing the students to help gather information for their new Kangaroo exhibit.
  • Pictures from:
  • Australian Flag
  • Mom & Joey Picture
  • Kangaroo Jumping
  • Kangaroos Eating
  • Kangaroo Grampians National Park
  • To access the latest version of this template and other training materials, go to The WebQuest Page