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Facebook@NUS. CS3216: Software Development on Evolving Platforms. What is Facebook?. “Facebook now worth US$15b, thanks to Microsoft's investment”, The Straits Times, 25 Oct 2007 Fastest growing Social Networking site, predicted to overtake MySpace.com within the year

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CS3216: Software Development on Evolving Platforms

What is facebook l.jpg
What is Facebook?

  • “Facebook now worth US$15b, thanks to Microsoft's investment”, The Straits Times, 25 Oct 2007

  • Fastest growing Social Networking site, predicted to overtake MySpace.com within the year

  • Key Innovation: user-created applications(10,478 applications at last count; was 6,000+ two weeks ago!)

    • Commercial potential not fully tapped.

Overview l.jpg

  • To be offered AY2007/2008 Semester 2

  • 4 MC 3000-Level Module at SoC

  • Lecturer: ME!

  • TAs & LAs: on course homepage

  • Pre-requisites:

    • CS1101 (for SoC students) or by instructor’s permission

Why a facebook course l.jpg
Why a Facebook Course?

  • Because we are trying to copy Stanford?

    • No prize in being second

  • Because Web 2.0/Facebook is the future?

    • Here today, gone tomorrow

  • Two reasons:

    • What you learn in school will get obsolete even before you can say Jack.

    • We want to give you your chance to make your first $million

Motivation goals l.jpg

  • Traditional software engineering still has a place – we are merely filling a gap

  • Encourage students to be entrepreneurial (tie up with Startup@Singapore?)

  • Allow them to demonstrate their creativity … give them a chance to dream

    • Cross-faculty interaction /peer learning

    • Presentation/writing skills

Learning outcomes l.jpg
Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how to source for and use open source software and APIs.

  • Develop engaging and innovative web applications

  • Work in multi-disciplinary teams(learn teamwork)

  • Learn a new programming language independently

    • Improve presentation and communication (both oral and written) skills

    • Express creativity, develop confidence and “can do” spirit

Course overview l.jpg
Course Overview

  • Monday, 6.30 to 8.30 pm

  • 4 Lectures on:

    • Anatomy of a Facebook Application

    • Principles of Software Engineering

    • User-Centric Web-Applications

    • Evolution of Web-Application Platforms

  • Weekly one-hour Seminars

    • Two groups will make 20-min presentations on existing Facebook applications, followed by discussion

Course overview10 l.jpg
Course Overview

  • Code Review Sessions

    • Students will critique code written by peers

    • Discuss the good, the bad and the ugly

  • Guest Lectures

    • On interesting and relevant topics

    • “Facebook Application Development with Ruby on Rails”

      • “Google Web Toolkit”

      • Details to be announced at start of class

Workload l.jpg

  • Assignments

    • Hello World

    • Wall

    • Throw a Cow

  • Presentation

    • One-page summaries

      • Final Project

        • Students will develop and deploy a “cool” application of their choice

        • Final Presentation + half-day show-and-tell session

Final project l.jpg
Final Project

  • Something cute and useless but popular

  • Something innovative that serves a useful function (tie up with Company or VWO)

  • Something that you can sell for a seven-digit figure

  • Support for your submission to Startup@Singapore

    • Research : what and how much data can you steal?

    • Surprise us (in a good way)!

Assessment l.jpg

  • Hello World – 10%

  • The Wall – 15%

  • Throw a Cow – 15%

  • Presentation/Participation – 10%

  • One-page summaries – 10%

    • Final Project – 40%

    • No Exams!! 

Do we get to choose our team mates l.jpg
Do we get to choose our team mates?

  • Very important question!!

  • Answer: qualified yes

  • Hello World – match making

  • Other assignments & presentation

    • OTOT, but cannot work with some people twice

      • Final Project

        • Free-for-all

        • First-come-first-served

Common questions l.jpg
Common Questions

  • Is there a textbook?

  • Can I SU the course?

  • I have taken ITxxxx, CZxxxx, GEMxxx and CSxxxx, can I take this course?

  • What can I do over Dec to prepare for the course?

    • Will the course be too hard for the first year student to take as it is a level 3000 module?

      • How much time will the course take?

      • Will the course be offered in future semesters?

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Sign me up l.jpg
Sign me up!

  • Submit a personal statement to cs3216-staff@googlegroups.com by 15 December 2007:

    • Why do you want to take the module?

    • Describe your background and explain how do you think you can contribute to the diversity and vibrancy of the new module and to the team projects.

    • Describe a cool Facebook app that you *really* want to build. Explain why you think your app is really cool.

      • Successful candidates will be automatically registered for the class in CORS. Results out by Boxing Day