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WELCOME. TO. TRAVEL TRAINNING. UNC PEMBROKE. Presented By:. VON A. BREEDEN & Beatrice Williams. September 17, 2007. BASIC TRAVEL TOOL. Travel Request Travel Request Instructions Travel Reimbursement Travel Rates Travel Policies. Travel Do’s.

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Beatrice Williams

September 17, 2007

basic travel tool
  • Travel Request
  • Travel Request Instructions
  • Travel Reimbursement
  • Travel Rates
  • Travel Policies

Travel Do’s

Complete a Travel Request form when over night travel occurs or prepayment for air fare or registration is needed.

Complete all highlighted areas on the request and the reimbursement form. This will prevent delays in processing time.

Allow travel office 10 day to complete and and return you travel forms.

When completing request for prepayment of registration fees please submit paper work to be submitted with payment.


Travel Do’s

When renting a car always submit an explanation why rental is needed with travel request form.

All international travel must be approved by the Chancellor

When traveling internationally please supply the conversion rates for your currency


Travel should be turned in promptly after

completion of travel. Policy states within 30 days of completion.

travel do s
  • Daily Travel Status does not require a Travel Request/Authorizations unless the travel is to another state
  • To be eligible for meal reimbursement the following must occur.
    • Breakfast depart duty station prior to 6:00 am. Extending your work day be 2 hours
    • Lunch not reimbursable
    • Dinner – depart duty station prior to 5:00 pm and return to duty station after 8:00 pm extending work day be 3 hours.

* The time of departure and arrival must be on the reimbursement form and must include a destination at least 35 miles from employee’s point of departure



You will set a new 1500-meter record at JFK.


Travel Do’s

Baggage Tips - limited to $3 per occurrence; reimbursement over $3 per occurrence must be accompanied by a receipt.

To be eligible for reimbursement of meals:

Breakfast - depart duty station prior to 6 a.m., extending work day by 2 hours

Lunch - depart duty station prior to noon on day of departure - return to duty station after 2 p.m. on day of return Dinner - depart Duty Station prior to 5 p.m. and return to duty station after 8 p.m., extending work day by 3 hours.

*The time of departure and arrival must be on the reimbursement form and must include a destination at least 35 miles from employee's point of departure.

Travel policies


Travel Do’s

Overnight Travel Status - ApprovedTravel Request/Authorization is required prior to travel. Actual (not estimated) time of departure and time of return must be on travel reimbursement form and must be a destination 35 miles or more from employee's home or duty station.

Cancellations of travel reservations (air, lodging, and registration fees) if made for the convenience of the employee are the employee's expense.  These charges are the University's expense only if the employee is requested by the University to cancel the travel.

Travel policies


Travel Do’s

Telephone Calls must be for University business and identified as to destination (person or company) and purpose of call(s) on Travel Reimbursement form except as permitted under Controller's Office Policy CO 10 98.

An employee who is in travel status for two or more consecutive nights in a week is allowed one personal, long-distance telephone call for each two nights for which reimbursement to the employee may not exceed $3 for each in-State call or $5 for each out-of-state call (receipt required).

Travel policies

travel check list
  • Complete Travel Request Form
      • Call Wright Travel for Air travel and other accommodations. (910) 738-1176
      • Attach completed registration form
  • Submit to travel office for prepayment (if requested)
  • Complete Travel reimbursement upon return (submitted within 30 days)
    • Attach receipts
    • Obtain proper signatures
    • Allow ten days to process
common mistakes
Common Mistakes
  • Missing Fopal
  • Missing Supervisor Signatures
  • Missing Departure & Arrival Times
  • No Comment or purpose



  • Travel checks are cut on Tuesday and Thursday
  • Please supply a copy of your reimbursement form to be returned with your check.
  • Checks are disbursed to department secretaries on the same days
  • Registration are mailed to the vendor (please supply a completed copy to send to the vendor.
  • Please highlight any special instructions on forms.

Glide through the process

travel links

Rental of Vehicles While on State Business CO 05 94a

Telephone Use CO 10 98

Travel Advance and/or Prepayments (Including Airline Tickets) CO 01 92

Travel Agent CO 03 93

Travel Rate Table: Transportation, Lodging, and Meals CO 02 92a

Travel Regulations Mandated by OSB&M CO 05 94

Travel Request/Authorization Instructions CO 02 92

Thanks for your time if there are any questions please contact me at extension 4218 or email