boomerangs are becoming very popular n.
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Boomerangs of existing video

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Boomerangs of existing video - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This article is all about how to make a boomerang using an existing video.

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Presentation Transcript
boomerangs are becoming very popular

Boomerangs are becoming very popular day by day especially on Instagram. Instagram has helped

this feature to gain its popularity. The looping up of video backwards and forward creates a very

pleasing effect to the video and converts any dull video into an interesting one. Instagram gives the

feature of making boomerangs on its Instagram stories. So, what if you want to make boomerang

from existing video that is already in your gallery or camera? So, today we will solve this problem by

showing you people some apps that convert video to boomerang in order to convert any video to

boomerang. So, let’s go directly into it.

We have chosen some apps that will work for both IO as well as for Android. First of all let’s see the

video convertor app for Android users. Apple users can directly jump to the second part if they want.

•First of all you need to install the Looper boomerang convertor app from Play Store.

•After installing it on your device, open your app and give the permissions to app to access

its camera and like that.

•After that click on convert existing video. You will be redirected to your gallery.

•From gallery choose the video that you want to convert into boomerang.

•After this the app will load your video. You can choose many options like selection to

convert and order.

•After doing everything on your video click on loop it option.

•It will process your video for some time and then the video will be directly saved in your

Looper gallery.

•Now you can easily share your boomerangs to any social media you want.

These were the steps involved in converting existing video into boomerang for Android users. Now

let’s dig directly for IOS users.

•In IOS you simply have to download GIF maker-Video into GIF’s app from the Apple

store on your Iphone.

•The procedure is almost same, install the app on your smartphone and give necessary

permissions to the app.

•Now open your app and click on the upload option on left corner side of the app.

•This will open the gallery for you. Now choose the video that you want to convert.

•Open that video in your app and the slider option on the bottom of the app will help you

to make the boomerang of that video.

•You can also turn of the audio for that video.

•Now finally click on loop option on the right most side of the app.

•This will save the processed boomerang directly into your gallery.

• Now you can easily share your boomerangs to Instagram and other social media


SO, guys this was all about converting the existing video on your gallery on camera roll into

boomerangs. These two apps are one of the best apps till date. We have searched a lot and finally

we found these two apps worth mentioning. I hope you people would download these apps on your

smartphones and would start making boomerangs from your existing videos on your galleries.