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Dukan Diet

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Visit our site for more information on Dukan Diet. Dukan Diet is a low hunger diet. The high protein content of the program means that dieters feel very little hunger. In fact, by following the Dukan diet you are naturally taking appetite suppressants. High protein meals fill you up more quickly and leave you feeling fuller for longer. Obviously, it is easier to stick to a diet that isn't constantly weakening you through hunger.

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abc diet

ABC Diet

In order to lose weight with the ABC Diet, you need only eat these 12 types of food and maintain them as your daily routine. You don’t’ necessarily have to stick to one letter per day for your meals. The trick is to learn how to combine them to create a daily balanced diet.

skinny girl diet
Skinny Girl Diet

The Skinny Girl Diet is similar to the ABC Diet in the sense that you have to watch the number of calories you consume in a day.

diets that work
Diets that Work

The ABC Diet is the brainchild of Robert Weider who started the ABC Diet as a joke, as a satire to the diet programs that have come up in the past years and to which people have gone crazy over. The concept is rather ridiculous to begin with and may even give you second thoughts about its effectiveness. Imagine having only to eat 12 types of food, all of which start with A – B – C.