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Significance of Children’s Dentistry PowerPoint Presentation
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Significance of Children’s Dentistry

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Significance of Children’s Dentistry
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Significance of Children’s Dentistry

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  1. Contact Us:-(07) 4638 3384 North Point Dental Centre Significance of Children’s Dentistry

  2. Contact Us:-(07) 4638 3384 Significance of Children’s Dentistry • People tend to care the most about maintaining their child’s first teeth as tiny little pearls. Providing an extra oral care for their children helps in providing health benefits quite well into adulthood. The most important thing is that the primary teeth play a significant role in the growth of the permanent teeth. The top of the permanent teeth pushes against the roots of the primary teeth. It causes them to melt away so that the adult teeth can take their right spot.

  3. Contact Us:-(07) 4638 3384 • The sooner the parents think about children’s dentistry and start getting regular oral checkups, the healthier their teeth will stay throughout their lives. The reason it’s a big concern because babies often fall asleep with a bottle of milk, which might cause cavities in their mouth. The pediatrics give advise on how to keep your child’s teeth healthy. The advices can be regarding. • The causes of decay. • The significance of drinking milk, juice and water from a cup instead of a bottle • How to brush the young teeth • How to help permanent teeth grow in proper places.

  4. Contact Us:-(07) 4638 3384 • The pediatric oral care is the most important concern for a parent as children have a tendency to get decays and cavities while growing up without much care. As for the infants their newly erupting teeth and the gums must be gently wiped after breast feeding, with water-soaked gauze or cloth. As they grow, ask them to brush and establish this routine after every meal. After the two lower and upper teeth erupt, molars start growing and then canines start taking their right places. This phase of teeth eruption might be a little discomfort for the children as they experience mild aches every now and then. There are a few problems that children might face while their teeth erupt.

  5. Contact Us:-(07) 4638 3384 • Wiggly teeth Wiggly teeth make parents wonder whether they should pull it out or not. The easier way is to eat an apple, which helps wiggly teeth get out. • Gingivitis This disease can affect both children and adults. Symptoms include bleeding, red and swollen gums. Children who suffer from type 1 diabetes can be more vulnerable to this disease. • Teeth grinding Bruxism is the other word for teeth grinding and it may sound scary as children often grind their teeth while sleeping. It can wear down the enamel. Most of the children overcome bruxism with age, but until they do, parents shall provide them oral care on a regular basis. To be Continue…..

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