orthopaedic surgeries and type of orthopaedic n.
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Orthopaedic Surgeries And Type Of Orthopaedic Surgeries PowerPoint Presentation
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Orthopaedic Surgeries And Type Of Orthopaedic Surgeries

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Orthopaedic Surgeries And Type Of Orthopaedic Surgeries

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Orthopaedic Surgeries And Type Of Orthopaedic Surgeries

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  1. Orthopaedic Surgeries And Type Of Orthopaedic Surgeries

  2. Introduction To Orthopaedics: Orthopaedicsor Orthopaedic surgery is the secondary of the operation that deals in the treatment of different surgical and non-surgical conditions associated with skeleton and bones. Not all Orthopaedics situations ask for surgical procedures. It is possible for orthopaedic surgeons to treat certain conditions without operational processes with the help of medications. The state of every Orthopaedicpatient is different from another and based on the conditions, the type of Orthopaedicssurgeries vary from each other. Itcovers a vast number of parts of your body and treatment of the chronic pain associated with it. 

  3. Apart from musculoskeletal conditions,orthopaedicsdeals in the treatment of : • Sports injuries • Degenerative diseases. • Infections. • Congenital disorders. • Tumours • Spine diseases.  • Taking into consideration, different parts of the body, there are different kinds of Orthopaedics or Orthopaedic Surgeries.

  4. Types Of Orthopaedics Or Orthopaedic Surgeries: The skeletal portion comprises the inner structure of the body. Any diseases associated with this structure can cause severe damage to overall health. You must immediately consult with the best Orthopaedic surgeon near you to treat any ailment that associates with the skeleton and its connecting tissues, including the muscles. Orthopaedic surgeries vary depending on various parts of the body.

  5. Hip Replacement Orthopaedic Surgery: The process involves replacing the hip joint with the help of a prosthetic implant, also called hip prosthesis. The surgeons perform the surgery either as a full replacement or half(hemi) replacement. This type of surgery is for treatment against the arthritis pain or any fractures in the hip joint. Arthroplasty or total hip replacement surgery involves the replacement of femoral head along with both the acetabulum. Whereas, hemiarthroplasty, includes the replacement of femoral head. It is one of the most common Orthopaedicsor treatment in practice presently. This surgery is usually successful, and as per the survey, the life of this surgical procedure lasts more than 25 years. Surgeons consider hip replacement only when the patient has undergone the necessary physical therapies and medications. Cost Of Hip Replacement In India: USD 5700 Risks Involved: The Risks And Complications For A Hip Replacement Are Similar To Those Of Any Other Kind Of Joint Replacements. It Includes Inequality In The Length Of The Limb, Infection, Osteolysis, Metal Sensitivity, Nerve Palsy, Sensitivity For Metals, Dislocation, Chronic Pain And Sometimes Death.

  6. Knee Replacement Orthopaedic Surgery: The increasing problem of arthritis leads to the growing number of proceedings for this type of Orthopaedicsacross the world. Knee Replacement is for replacement of the damaged parts, or the broken ligaments out of the knee joint. There can never be a single reason for any limb or organ replacement; every individual suffers from personalised issues. The most common reason for knee replacement is abnormal functioning of knees. It is either due to obesity or age. The survey records thousands of orthopaedicsrequests every month in different hospitals in India. Out of all the applications, the highest number of proceedings are for Knee Replacement. Patients across the globe prefer Orthopaedicssurgeries in India because of the higher rate of success. The success rate of Knee Replacement is 100%. Knee replacement is for patients: Cost Of Knee Transplant In India: USD 4500 Risks Involved:Like all the healing processes, there is a certain kind of risk involved in this orthopaedic procedure too. The most common ones are due to side-effects because of anaesthesia. The consequences of anaesthesia are dizziness, shivering, discomfort, drowsiness, and sore throat. Apart from these some severe consequences can be wheezing, vocal cord injury, injuries to arteries, stomach problems, dislocation of the knee and in extreme cases can prove to be fatal.

  7. Total Joint Replacement Orthopaedic Surgery: Total joint replacement is for patients who have end-stage arthritis. The pain is at this stage is usually unbearable or at a chronic level. In this process, the surgeon initiates an assessment process on damaged or diseased joints. The surgeon replaces the damaged bone by metal or plastic surfaces and put them in the original shape. These artificially prepared bone replaces the original limb and helps the patient to get rid of the damaged organ. Once the replacement is successful, then the body can function normally without any problem. Orthopaedicsattracts medical tourists across the globe to India because of the availability of best doctors, surgeons, equipment, latest technology and above all the complete treatment at a reasonable cost. Cost Of Total Joint Replacement In India: USD 6000 Risks Involved: Total Joint Replacement does not involve many risks. However, the patient must manage his weight, continue with the exercises and physiotherapies as per the Orthopaedic Surgeon. It is highly essential to take proper care during the recovery period. Any ignorance may lead to severe consequences. The complications involve inflammation, nausea, relocation of the artificial joint, chronic work and sometimes can even lead to death.

  8. Shoulder Joint Replacement Orthopaedic Surgery: This type of Orthopaedicsis less common in comparison to knee or hip replacement. Surgeons prefer it in case of joint relocation or acute pain. Shoulder joint replacement is useful for fractures in case of accident or arthritis. The US was first to start with the shoulder joint replacement in the year 1950. But, now surgeons in India perform it successfully and that too at a very convenient cost. Initially, the doctor plans to treat the patient with non-surgical processes. He begins with medication and exercises if there is no improvement, then the focus shifts to surgery. In this process, an artificial structure replaces the damaged part of the shoulder. Prosthesis is the process of removal and placement of new metallic or plastic limb. Cost Of Shoulder Joint Replacement In India:  • USD 7600 • Risks Involved: This Orthopaedicstreatment involves various types of risks. Generally, the surgeon defines it in advance. So, before initiating with the treatment, the patient must be well aware that the body may be affected with infection. There can be several reasons for the same. • Common complications occur due to: • Wounds during operation. • Prosthetic issue during the treatment. • It is vital to get rid of any infection at the earliest else it may spread to other parts of the body. Apart from this, there can be loosening or dislocation of the artificial joint. One can also suffer from a nerve injury that happens due to connecting the nerves at the time of shoulder joint replacement. It is possible to avoid risks if the surgeon pays proper attention and patient is careful with medication.

  9. Ankle/ Elbow Joint Replacement Orthopaedic Surgery: Apart from all the replacements detailed above, Orthopaedicsalso deal in elbow and ankle replacements. Elbow and Ankle both are the most flexible joints in your hand and legs. The problems like arthritis, fracture or any injury, muscle pain can call for elbow or ankle joint replacement. Any issue in the ankle or elbow can be the cause for the interruption in movements of limbs and hence the daily activities.  It is possible to treat specific problems with the help of medicines and non-surgical exercises, yet advanced deterioration requires surgery. Cost Of Elbow-Replacement Surgery In India: USD 5500 Cost Of Ankle Replacement Surgery In India: USD 7000 Risks Involved: There are not many risks in the ankle or elbow joint replacement Orthopaedicssurgery. Just like any other Orthopaedics surgical treatment, there is a risk of infection or nerve injury. It is because of the wound or connecting the artificial organ with the nerves. Make sure you undertake treatment by a highly qualified and experienced professional to avoid any risks.

  10. Spine Surgery: • Orthopaedicsdeals in the treatment of skeletomuscular part of the body. One of the essential connecting bone of the body is the spine. If a person is suffering from back pain, then you can get the cure with the help of spine surgery. Not all problems associated with back require surgery. The healing is possible with the help of several physiotherapies, medicines, massages, yoga, stretching and several other exercises. • However, if there is no relief in the pain, then the only option left for the treatment of spinal issues is to undergo Orthopaedics. Back problems appear because of : • Improper postures of sitting. • Sitting or standing for a long time. • Imperfect position of sleeping. • Apart from that, multiple fractures, injury, slip disc due to the lifting of heavy weights, and rigorous body-weight training without professional governance are some other reasons that call for spinal surgery.  Cost Of Spine-Surgery In India: Starts USD 5000 Risks Involved: Fusion is the most significant risk in spinal surgery. It is the property of the body not to heal entirely after any bone replacement or OrthopaedicSurgery. Apart from the common nerve injuries, inflammation and infection fusion can be a complicated issue during spine surgery. However, it is possible to avoid fusion problems with the help of bone growth stimulation.  Bone-growth stimulation involves the placement of stimulators. The surgeon transplants the stimulators either internally or externally. You can wear the external stimulators around lower back or neck. The type of stimulator is decided based on the part of the body that is affected.

  11. Verdict:Orthopaedics is the treatment that has become a need for many; the reasons for this is increasing accidents, hassling lifestyle and a lot more. However, before undergoingOrthopaedic surgery, you must be fit for the operation. The patient must undergo a complete diagnosis and get the right consultation from the doctor. It is essential to know well the risks that associate with the treatment. Also, if you undergo the therapy, what would be the success rates? Some Surgical procedures involve complications, especially for those suffering from multiple disorders or damages in the body. Adults above the age of 60, diabetic patients, obese people, once suffering from any heart, lung or liver disease must be extra careful. It is because the healing in such patients may take an extended period or sometimes, the recovery may not be possible at all. But if there are no complications in surgery and the doctor approves the same, you must consider orthopaedics in India. Orthopaedics in India is affordable in comparison to any other country.   Thank you