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Learn Linux operation introduction and what is kernerl and how it works get from this ppt.For more information just go through this website

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Linux introduction training

Linux Introduction

Free Linux Introduction Tutorial videos for Beginners



Linux introduction training

Linux Introduction- Highlights

  • What is Linux?

  • Uses of Linux

  • Linux system Architecture

  • Types of Linux Kernel

  • What is Linux Kernel Module Programming

  • Basic Linux commands

Linux introduction training

What is Linux?

  • Linux is mostly used in part of operating system

  • Linux is an open source operating system on Unix model

  • It is a software in computer, which receives the request from programs and sends that to the hardware of the computer

Linux introduction training

Uses of Linux

  • Linux operating system manages all the hardware resources in computer or laptop which are just like windows 7,8 and windows XP etc..

  • Some companies are using Linux operating system for their machines because it is affordable

Linux introduction training

Linux system Architecture

User utility


System software

User process

System Libraries


Kernel Models





Linux introduction training

Types of Linux kernel

Micro Kernel

Monolithic Kernel

Nano Kernel

Exo Kernel

Hybrid Kernel

Linux introduction training

What is Linux Kernel Module Programming?

  • Linux Kernel has ability to extend at run time the set of features offered by kernel

  • This means you can add functionally to the kernel while the system is running

  • Modules are the pieces of code that can be loaded and unloaded into the kernel

  • Without modules we would have to build new functionality directly into the kernel image

Linux introduction training


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Linux introduction training

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Free Linux Introduction Tutorial videos for Beginners