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Mobile App Development Company in India

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Mobile App Development Company in India - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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five steps of android app development

Five Steps of Android App Development for Beginners

Look around you and you cannot find a single person without a smartphone, most of them

being android operated. Now, this is giving businesses a quick reach to the customers and has

become a potential platform for marketers. The world is drifting towards the smart world and

want everything handy on their phones to make life easier. ‘On the go’ culture has taken over

with every Android application development company in India that wants to stay ahead in the

race of effective and efficient application development.

So, you come up with an extraordinary idea for an application and are ready to serve it to the

market. The only problem is you do not know where to start from the ad we have a perfect

solution here. If, you have found your interest in developing an application, joining an android

app design company can give you a great start as each one is on a lookout for fresh ideas.

Even before that, you need to learn to code which could be difficult on its own. You need to

start from understanding Java, install all the Android-specific software and goon to acquire

unique quirks of Android app development.

It is always advisable to take an idea of what you are getting into before actually deciding it as a

career option. So, grab a cup of coffee while we take you through the process in nutshell.

step 1 downloading an android studio

Step 1: Downloading an Android studio

In order to program in most languages, ‘Integrated Development Environment’ or IDE is

required. Android Studio is the common one used by any mobile app development company in

India and comes directly from Google. An IDE provides the UI to enter your code. From

providing highlights on things you get wrong, suggestions and assisting you with running and

testing the creations, it lets you do it all conveniently. With basic layouts, it creates the files and

saves a lot of time and effort.

Step 2: Setting up Android studio

Before starting, install Java (Java development kit) on your machine to use Android Studio as it

will compile and interpret your code. After this, click on Android Studio and launch it, you’ll be

presented with a menu to start and configure the options.

Step 3: Starting a project

After installing the samples, you can go to the first page to start a new Android studio project. A

Mobile app design company uses Android Studio as it has especially been designed for Android

development and provides other bits including the Android SDK and Android Virtual Device.

step 4 making an actual app

Step 4: Making an actual app

Once the app is opened, a directory tree on the left with all the different files and folders

appears that makes up the app.

Step 5: Get better at app development

These steps are the fundamentals of programming and just a heads up to get you aware of each

of it, involves a lot more than explained. Once your basics through, you can get create an app

with the exact look and feel that you want your audience to see. Getting started with an

android app development company in Delhi could be a great way to take this passion to the

next level.