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Mobile app development company in India

As a mobile app development company, Techradius have far best and creative solutions that you will find out in the market. We deploy our excellent and experienced team for development.

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Mobile app development company in India

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  1. Techradius Hitech Pvt. Ltd. (OPC) Mobile App Development Company

  2. Table of Contents 02 03 01 AndroidApps Development iOSApps Development Mobile Applications Fact and Quality of Android Application We Have Developed Fact and Quality of iOS Application We Have Developed How Mobile Applications Market is, Currently? 04 WhyTechradius What Makes us Different from Others

  3. Our Mission Our team of professionals are dedicated toward providing all the facility of digital technology to all the businesses and organization. Any individual or organization that need to experience the digital transformation we are here to help you.

  4. Our Company Techradius, incepted on July 01, 2016, since then it is making amazing changes in digital world with its high standard services. It team is full of dedicated developers who are making focused and creative. In just 3 years we have spread our footprints over USA, Australia, Hong Kong and United Kingdom

  5. Mobile Applications 01

  6. Market Trends India is always been market of the Android OS. Majority of the population is not purchasing iOS, that is because of its price margin mainly and where in android getting things as per your need and budget is pretty easy.

  7. Android Application Development iOSApplication Development Android App Development Team of Techradius have the experience of building on so many of apps. This experience gives them advantage from other developers, this way our team is compatible of making simple yet effective applications. We have brilliant developers who are capable of making applications perfectly oriented towards our client’s need. Not just native we are capable of making hybrid application for you with ease.

  8. Global Our Quality As the global market is expanding and being more competitive, we offer you a help of technology to give you an extra edge to stay ahead. Low-Cost Innovative The charges we apply always justify the services and solutions we offer. You will love the product, your pocket will love the cost. The ideas we make are the result of our creative and experienced team. Compatibility Solutions and products we make always compatible to all the platform and application environment, this allow it to work with its 100%.

  9. A Windowof Opportunity Our unique solutions towards making strategies and frameworks are completely a pure result of the perfect mix of design, development, optimization, innovation and some out of the box thinking. Our experts are very well skilled in making an that is user-friendly, responsive and capable of running on almost all devices. We here at Techradius do not believe in limitation that’s why we equip our apps with the latest technology and tools so it can work on its full potential.

  10. AndroidApplicationsDevelopment 02

  11. For testing purpose we choose Google Android Emulator and some manual testing too. Testing Adobe Xd is a tool that we use to create the application prototype that will give you a future sight of how the app is going to work. We use only official tool kits for the development and designing of the application at Techradius. So we choose Android SDK tool kit over any other unofficial kits. Prototype There are so many languages those can be used while developing the app but we love to go with the best, we here prefer Java, C++, Corona, Phonegap and HTML5. Official Kit Language Technology We Uses

  12. Process We Go Through Ideaand Strategy Idea and Strategy First we study the idea that client provide for the app to know if it can out do other app then make strategy around it. WireFrame Wireframe After having an idea of what we need to do allows us to come up with a prototype design to let you know how app will look and function. Deploy and Market Create and Test Create and Test As design is set, we move to development with the latest solutions and test the app many time for better and right functionality. Deployment and Market We will create your profile on Google Play Store with full rights to your app.

  13. iOS Application Development 03

  14. Technology We Use Programming Template Build an app around that design with full functionality. Design a prototype of the apps user interface. Tools Testing Use all the licensed tools and plugins for best support Test the overall performance of the App for any improvement

  15. How We Achieve The Perfect Application DeploymentAfter testing the app’s functionality we deploy it to App Store. Development Create a right app atmosphere and develop the app as per prototype UI and UXCreate a actual visual representation of app from user’s perspective WireframeCreate a most simplified visual version of the app. Idea and ResearchResearch for right app idea and build a road map for that.

  16. Why Techradius 04

  17. What Gives Us the Advantage Experience Skills Creativity Our development team of both iOS and Android posses the experts who have been in the development field for more than 5 years. “With Great Experience Comes Great Skills”. Our developers have brilliant set of eyes in application development. Apps design and user experience are build with the creative mind of our experienced and innovative designers

  18. Our Plans Basic Pro Premium If go with our basic plan we will create the application prototype only that will give a visual idea of your application Here, with prototype you will get your application developed for you but we will not upload it on any store for you and no future support for application We will also create your profile on the app related store and will give you full support for time based on our contract.

  19. Other Services PortalDevelopment Get the perfect portal and dashboard for that fill all requirement of your business. Web Design and Development ERP and CRM Best solutions you can have for your website design and development is us. Get a perfect software that will help you in managing your resources and customers

  20. India info@techradius.net+91 7229995556 Australia info@techradius.com.au+61 427.581.204 Contact Us

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