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Digital Marketing News You Cannot Miss

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Digital Marketing News You Cannot Miss - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Digital Marketing News You Cannot Miss

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  1. Digital Marketing News You Cannot Miss Powered By: Digital Media Sapiens

  2. The digital marketing field is a space where evolution, improvement and change take place on almost a daily basis. In any given week, there are new offerings, improvements on existing ones, changes in the way things operate, etc. With its universal reach and application, it’s an area that the entire world keeps a close eye on, irrespective of their nature of business. To keep you up to date on some of the hottest developments that have taken place in the recent past, here’s a quick roundup of the latest trends and changes in the digital marketing world.

  3. SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING With the increased shift to Mobile, Google has announced some changes in AdWords to account for the new mode of consumption. At this point in time, each of these offerings is still in the experimental stage.

  4. New Local Search ads for and Google Maps • When users run a search using Google Maps, in addition to the relevant ads and organic search results, Google may also throw up other ads for special offers, available inventory, etc. • For similar service providers in the surrounding area, based on the user’s search history. • These results, which will appear with a purple icon above the other search results, will be displayed on the Google Maps app, the mobile and web sites, and on Expanded Maps results.

  5. WEB DEVELOPMENT While mobile is becoming increasingly popular, web is the foundation from which it grows; the focus here now is to make transitioning back and forth a seamless event, with the same experience being had on both!

  6. Google Material Design Google has introduced a new design language, Material Design, which incorporates the classic principles of design with those of technology and innovation which is then intended to create a unified user experience (including those who are visually challenged or are hampered by any other disability) across all their products on any device or platform. This new design language is aimed at Android, Chrome, OS, and the web. Using this tool, a mobile-centric website develops a much sleeker appearance on an Android as this platform gives it the appearance and feel of a mobile application. It also draws upon its x,y and z axes to transport a simple object into a 3D environment.

  7. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION With developments in SEM and the web, it goes without saying that we can expect something in the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as well! Here are two new updates you should know about.

  8. All in One Tool for Mobile Testing • Especially aimed at smaller businesses, Google has designed an all-in-one tool that allows them to test and rank their website for mobile-friendliness, mobile speed, and desktop speed on a single page. • The three parameters are scored immediately on a scale of 1 to 100, with a more comprehensive report being later emailed to the business to help pinpoint pain areas and how the scores can be improved. • Rich Cards • A recent addition to the available search results formats, Google has introduced “Rich Cards”, which allows websites to showcase the relevant content directly onto the search results page. • This is an extension of the earlier introduced “Rich Snippets”. Unlike the snippets, the Rich Cards will appear at the top of the mobile results in the form of a digital card which can be scrolled through from left to right. • At present, this offering is limited to specific interests, but we can expect to see the application of Rich Cards to SEO efforts across all categories in the near future.

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