craig allen mcgannon successful trial attorney n.
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Craig Allen McGannon

Craig Allen McGannon

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Craig Allen McGannon

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  1. Craig Allen McGannon: Successful Trial Attorney Craig Allen McGannon is a former trial attorney who focused on large-scale litigation. The areas he litigated in were mass tort and multi-district class actions. Craig Allen McGannon has on Asbestos defense cases and Super Fund/PRP Site Cleanups that involved billions of dollars. Craig Allen McGannon is experienced and skilled in mediations and arbitrations involving the field of reinsurance and direct coverages.

  2. Craig Allen McGannon: Legal Consultant A Partner With Craig Allen McGannon is currently working in legal consulting as a partner with CIPHER, a data management and forensic evidence consulting group. Craig Allen McGannon provides high quality forensic and data management consulting services to his clients. Craig has been involved with CIPHER since 2006, and has provided professional consulting to many legal groups. Crain Allen McGannon hopes to continue his career in consulting for many years.

  3. Craig Allen McGannon: Litigation Support Professional Craig Allen McGannon has been a member of the prestigious Association of Litigation Professionals, or ALSP, since 2007. Craig Allen McGannon is a valued member of ALSP, and enjoys providing expert litigation support to lawyers and law firms. He often helps lawyers and other legal professionals receive professional analysis and prepare for litigation. Craig Allen McGannon also makes recommendations about impending legal developments.

  4. Craig Allen McGannon: Computer Forensic Professional Craig Allen McGannon is a member of the Institute of Computer Forensic Professionals. The Institute of Computer Forensic Professionals includes professionals who specialize in helping members of the legal community investigate electronic crime. Craig Allen McGannon is a highly-recognized and renowned member of the Institute. He assists the legal community with computer crime investigation services. Craig Allen McGannon provides electronic crime consulting as the CEO of CIPHER. Craig Allen McGannon: CIPHER Partner Craig Allen McGannon provides superlative digital forensic and technical consulting services as a Partner and of CIPHER. Many law firms require digital forensics experts to help to navigate the complex world of digital and electronic crime. Craig Allen McGannon is available to help members to the legal community build better cases and prepare better defenses for their clients. Craig Allen McGannon is a valuable digital forensics expert.

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