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How To Find The Perfect Plus Size Jeans For Your Shape PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Find The Perfect Plus Size Jeans For Your Shape

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How To Find The Perfect Plus Size Jeans For Your Shape - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How To Find The Perfect Plus Size Jeans For Your Shape

We’re on a mission to find plus size jeans to boost our bums, slim our thighs and make our legs look longer and more lovely!

The way to do this is to know our body shapes. Apple types need to enhance different areas from pear types to balance out the body frame.

So do you know the benefits of the bootcut plus sized jeans as opposed to the wide leg plus sized jeans? Have a look at our shape guide below:

Apple shapes

Women with the apple shaped body tend to be heavier at the top half of the body and smaller at the bottom. Therefore apple types should enhance their bum with rear pocket detail or pocket flaps to draw the eye to your bum and create that curvier rear. Straight leg jeans and skinny jeans look good on apple shapes, to emphasise their naturally slim legs

Pear shapes

Boot cut jeans is the best choice for pear shapes as the gentle widening of the boot cut below the knee will help balance out the heavier hips and thighs.

Straight leg jeans can also be a good option, depending on your hip size. Wearing straight leg jeans with higher heels will lengthen your look and have an added benefit of visually reducing the hip area too. Choose darker shades of denim that will give more of a slimming effect.

Hourglass figures

Hourglass figures should ideally wear jeans that have a smaller cut waist rather than loose fit baggy waist. This will help you achieve that beautifully fitted look from waist to hips. With fitting in mind stretch denim jeans can be the perfect choice and will give you movement and comfort for your shapely figure without having a bulky or tight look. As hourglass figures tend to have a naturally curvy rear, it’s best to stay away from detailing such as pockets around the hips or bum, as these will just add bulk.