How to Find the Perfect Rolex Submariner for Your Loved One
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How to Find the Perfect Rolex Submariner for Your Loved One - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to find the perfect rolex submariner for your loved one

How to Find the Perfect Rolex Submariner for Your Loved One

If you have a special someone who’s into swimming or diving, a Rolex

Submariner could be the perfect gift option, and something they’ll treasure


Unlike other jewelry, a watch can be both incredibly practical and beautiful to

behold. It is the ideal gift for both men and women alike – a classic watch is

something that spans generations, never going out of style.

Now available in a wide variety of beautifully intricate designs, the Rolex

Submariner was first created in 1953 and was the world’s first watch designed

for SCUBA diving, making it both a classic and innovative model. The watch is

completely water resistant, making it a versatile option for anyone looking for a

durable design.

If you’re new to the world of classic, high-end watches, your best bet is to visit

your local jewelers for advice. You’ll want to find one who can give you thorough

and honest information about the piece you’re buying, so make sure to go

throughsomeone reputable who’s been in the business for a while.

You’ll want to decide in advance whether you are opting for a brand new or pre-

owned Rolex Submariner. For some, there is a lovely, historical element to

buying a pre-owned watch, whereas others may prefer something brand new.

Think about which option your loved one would treasure best.

You can search online for a Rolex Submariner, and there are a variety of

purchasing options through most jewelry websites. However, buying a watch for

somebody is an incredibly personal act, and you will probably feel more

comfortable seeing it in the flesh, than you will awaiting its arrival in the post.

It may take you some time to work up to purchasing a Rolex Submariner,

especially if it is a gift for someone else. It may be wise to browse the many

How to find the perfect rolex submariner for your loved one

different models and designs online or in a catalogue to get a general idea of

which one you like best. Alternatively, most good stores have an extensive

display and will be happy to show you around.

If you’re buying the RolexSubmariner for someone who’s regularly going to use

it underwater, you will want to find out the model’s unique water resistance

details. Most watches designed specifically for this purpose have a water

resistance of up to 300 metres, but it is best to ask your jewelry supplier.

Make sure you are aware of your insurance options when purchasing a Rolex

Submariner. Some suppliers will list a replacement fee for the model on their

website, but it’s best to talk this through with the store’s manager if you can.

There are usually a variety of payment options, too. You’ll need to work out the

best way to pay for your Rolex Submariner, whether that’s with a cheque, cash or

using a credit card. Some jewelry suppliers will offer a monthly payment plan for

their most luxurious pieces, so that could be a viable option.

The Rolex Submariner comes with a classic steel watchstrap, but if you’d rather

personalise the special gift, why not look for a compatible watchstrap? These

come in a variety of different colours and luxurious leather materials to suit any


How to find the perfect rolex submariner for your loved one

If you’re seeking an alternative watchstrap for your Rolex Submariner, make

sure you use a reputable jewelry supplier to ensure it fits the model perfectly.

Most jewelry outlets will have experts on hand to help you with this and answer

any questions you might have about your purchase.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to enhance this beautiful watch in a more timeless

way, you could take it to an engraver and have it immortalized with a precious

message. Some jewelers will offer this as one of their services, so you may be

able to get it all done in the same visit.