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Project Management Software

Convask – enterprise management software is designed to help the organization in their business processes, this accelerates growth and gain profit for your business. This helps in managing businesses such as customer relation management (CRM), financial accounts, task management, time management, email scheduling, marketing management and more.

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Project Management Software

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  1. Online Project Management Platform

  2. Project Management Platform Easy to use powerful online project management software for handling team as well as project Project management covers various techniques, process, methods and strategies develop with the aim of minimizing the possibilities of loss or failure of any project. Project management software make use of social means to enhance the team members association in a project. It even enhances team collaboration which results in increased success and more revenues. http://www.convask.com

  3. Use of Project Management Platform Project management software is an efficient platform which helps to manage a number of tasks and keeps them organized. It is a powerful software which allows project managers to track resources, project schedules, real time project related assets. Project management is beneficial to complete work systematically in a proper sequence starting from setting up goals and objectives of project to implementing strategies for achieving those goals. A proper project management and project collaboration is beneficial in solving any type of problem which arises in a business. http://www.convask.com

  4. Benefits of Using Project Management Improving Efficiency Easy accessible Quicker and easier onboarding Affordable Improves teamwork Boost Employees Self-esteem Increase flexibility Allows web based interaction Increases productivity http://www.convask.com

  5. Benefits of Project Collaboration Fast production time Better intelligent and input Improves communication Preserves physical space Enhance employee relationship http://www.convask.com

  6. Convask Convask is a complete online project management software which provides complete scheduling, project planning and task management functions. It let you visually plan your projects and modify them, assign a link to your tasks and even let you determine the timeline and managing of resources. http://www.convask.com

  7. Key Features Task Management Project Process Planning Graphical ​Representation of Schedules Issue Management Time Management Online Time Tracking http://www.convask.com

  8. Benefits for Business Provides real-time customized project dashboard Let you create, monitor and update project online in real time Provides easy task management Generates instant project report Time tracking system for better project management Helps in managing team workload Easily let you manage multiple projects at same time Provides easy and sage team collaboration http://www.convask.com

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