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ConnieKnows - Best Practices for Appointment Setting

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ConnieKnows - Best Practices for Appointment Setting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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To succeed in marketing and sales, one must take every means just to build out one\'s pipeline. This means appointment setting over the phone or cold calling for appointments. Read more here

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best practices for appointment setting

Best Practices for Appointment Setting

To succeed in marketing and sales, one must take every means

just to build out one's pipeline. This means appointment

setting over the phone or cold calling for appointments.

Appointment setting is one of the most difficult tasks sellers face, however,

meeting your prospect opens a marvelous potential of relationship building, fact-

finding, and identifying additional opportunities. To be effective at it requires

determination, perseverance and the skill to converse intelligently. And with a

little help from this article, you can increase your odds of landing initial meetings.

Check out and apply the best practices below and maybe even develop your own.

Maximize your leads

Your leads can come from many platforms and it is important that you maximize

every information they give you. Prioritize those that have already made

interactions with you or the company. Get the list of attendance of any of your

company events. Also, do not take for granted the contacts you get from the

people who visit, subscribe, or download from your website. You can also ask for

referrals from your current or old clients.

Your introduction matters

First impressions are essential in appointment setting, so you better set the right

tone in the conversation. Get proper introductions before you start pitching and

make sure that you follow the system of saying who we are, what we do and why

we’re calling. Also, pick a good time to call your prospects. Calling the office

during non-peak hours like early morning or after punch out hours in the

afternoon will earn the respect of those you’re trying to reach.

Ask for their time

Asking for your prospect's time gives them the opportunity to say no. This means

you don’t have to waste your time with them! Also, when the prospect is busy,

you can this as an ideal and straightforward opportunity to schedule a brief call

next week. For a better response when you ask for their time, use positive words

like “Did I reach you at an okay time?” or the like.

talk to the decision maker

Talk to the decision maker

Do not pitch to the receptionists (gatekeeper) but remember to be polite and to

build rapport with them. Everything would be pointless if you do not get to talk to

the decision maker.

Stick to your purpose

Your call is to sell but to set an appointment with your prospect. So, it is better

to be straightforward about it to show respect for your prospect's time. And when

you do land on an appointment, set a specific date and time to show credibility.

Have a script

You do not have to follow the script word for word but it should act as a guide. A

script will help you present the product/service in the best way and it equips the

seller with all the information necessary to sell the appointment. It will also help

you deal with the gatekeeper and handle the initial objections.

Make a confirmation

To eliminate the chance of a canceled appointment, make sure to do a follow-up

to confirm. Arrange a courtesy call or send a further email to confirm that the

prospect is still able to attend. Initiate this contact a day or two before the

appointment date to refresh yourself in the prospect’s mind.

Do not just rely on cold calling

Never put all your money in cold calling to set appointments with prospects.

Utilize different media like direct mail, handwritten notes, voice mail, email, social

media, etc.

Get training

To improve, enroll in trainings that will help you gain the skills and knowledge you

need to persuade and influence effectively.


Appointment setting is an art and getting good at it does not happen overnight.

You should not stop learning especially from your mistakes. You can experiment

and develop better practices that work for you.

And as they say, effective appointment setting is one of the key aspect in getting

better sales. To read more Telemarketing and Call Center guides and tips, visit us

at ConnieKnows offer virtual executive assistant

services and call center services that will deliver results that you deserve.