the wonderful evolution of ladies bed jackets n.
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The Wonderful Evolution of Ladies Bed Jackets Australia PowerPoint Presentation
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The Wonderful Evolution of Ladies Bed Jackets Australia

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The Wonderful Evolution of Ladies Bed Jackets Australia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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When modern women think of a jacket, they usually envision a quilte down ski jacket or a tailored blazer. But wearing a jacket to bed?…Sounds fascinating! For more details, visit this link:

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the wonderful evolution of ladies bed jackets

The Wonderful Evolution of Ladies Bed Jackets Australia

Friends, when is the last time you saw someone wearing a bed jacket? Ummm….not

able to remember? Same here! Whilst housecoats and nightgowns remain as popular

as ever, the submissive bed jackets has gone to clothing heaven since the past few

years. It has however, made a comeback in recent times and mostly thanks to its

usefulness and exposure to wider audiences.

What is a Bed Jacket?

If we are alike, then you must also be wondering, what‟s in the world a bed jacket? The

name basically describes it. It is a lightweight yet comfy and warm jacket one can wear

while in bed or breakfasting or reading. Ladies bed jackets Australia comes in a variety

of styles and materials and in various lengths, cropped and to the waist. I specifically

love the quilted versions, the knit ones and chiffon lacy ones in bright hues.

I was visiting my family, it was early in the morning, and the house was extremely

chilled so I wrapped a blanket around my shoulders and made my way upstairs. Seeing

me my sister said, “You need a bed jacket.” Since I had no idea what she was saying, I

asked, “A what?” She immediately then pulled out the super soft coral burgundy red

short jacket and asked me to put it on. I instantly fell in love with the jacket owing to its

bright color and super comfiness and knew this is going to be one of my travel


Have you ever been to a hotel room and gotten a bit chilly? You didn‟t want to get out of

your bed as you have comfortably wrapped the blanket around, but hardly feel like

sitting up with the blanket covered up to the neck. And the very thought of not putting

the hotel‟s blanket up to your face might not be appealing to everyone (as I personally

hate that). Take out your bed jacket! They are the perfect travel accessory for some of

us who want a little more warmth, but lack room to pack a full robe.

Ladies bed jackets Australia are one of those essential items that one can wear

around apartment rental or the hotel room and feel super comfy as they are not at all

bulky. Its lightweightness makes it easy to pack and get fit nicely in a backpack.

With ladies bed jackets making comeback due its increased popularity, we thought to

narrow down the history of this cozy and convenient garment.

40’s Bed Jacket

bed jackets were a night time staple

Bed jackets were a night time staple in the 40‟s. The jackets were cut straight and loose

fitting in both the jackets and sleeves. The jackets were available in contrasting color

and could get tied around the neck with a ribbon, closed with a button in the center or

button all the way down. They could be rayon satin or thin cotton and some were also

knitted and sweater-like, known as „cuddlies‟. Popular color availability was light blue,

peach, pale pink and white.

1800s Bed Jacket

In the 1800s, bed jacket was referred to a piece of clothing that was hip or waist length,

loose-fitting and was worn by ordinary women as a daily use garment. It was fastened

with pins that allowed it to get fit flexibly during different stages of women‟s life, such as


20th Century Bed Jacket

In the early 20th century, bed jackets began to be worn more in the bedroom and are

designed to be seductively feminine with sheer or lacy fabrics. They started being

witnessed more in movies and were often worn by the era‟s glamorous celebrities,

lounging in their bedrooms.

Whether glamorous or utilitarian, ladies bed jackets Australiaare the most convenient

and comfortable garment to stay warm when bed. Rather than struggling with bulkier

blankets, a comfy bed jacket will keep you warm while checking email, watching TV or


A Final Thought

Bed jackets are no more relegated to just bedrooms only. Although there are so many

great styles made from fabrics that are more suited to the bedroom, such as fleece bed

jacket or plush bed jackets, there are also some designed to look more like comfortable,

loose cardigans for wearing them around the house, to the bed or even for running

household chores. offer a great range of ladies bed jackets with many new

styles arriving every season. Our aim is to become the #1 choice for bed jackets

Australia by offering the widest range possible. If there is a style or design that we don't

yet offer, please let us know and we will try our best to include it in our collection.