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Prioritizing Your Cleaning PowerPoint Presentation
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Prioritizing Your Cleaning

Prioritizing Your Cleaning

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Prioritizing Your Cleaning

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  1. Prioritizing Your Cleaning

  2. It can be tough knowing which cleaning tasks to prioritize, but if you can get it right, you’ll save yourself a whole heap of time in the long run: What are the most important 5 minutes cleaning tasks? Some cleaning tasks can be completed in next to no time, and if kept on top of, can save us from having to do more cleaning later. Here are 6 tasks that are quick to do and can help us keep on top of our daily cleaning chores: Emptying the dishwasher Washing the dishes Sweeping/vacuuming the floor

  3. Folding the laundry Sorting the mail Tidying/filing papers The types of chores that can be completed within 5 minutes will vary depending upon each household, but they are generally the same and when performed regularly, will make the bigger cleaning tasks seem much more manageable. However, delay or entirely neglect them and keeping your home clean and untidy will soon become a monstrous task that overwhelms you.

  4. Consider what times of the day are best for cleaning: Completing your swift, priority cleaning tasks, is best done at times of the day when they will be most helpful to you. For instance, emptying the dishwasher is best done first thing in the morning to avoid the clean dishes being left stacked there all day, whereas vacuuming would make more sense to be done at the end of the day, so that you can pick up the debris and dust from the day. Choose a schedule that best works for you and try to stick to it so that it becomes a routine.

  5. Don’t set yourself too many short tasks to complete: Even if each small cleaning task takes only 5 minutes to complete, if you try to do too many of those at any given time, you’ll end up stretched and feeling disappointed when you can’t finish them all. Limit them to 3 or 4 per day or complete them on alternate days to avoid getting overwhelmed. Don’t make excuses! If a cleaning task only takes 5 minutes, then try not to make excuses for not doing it every day, or at least every other day. If your home begins to get dirty or cluttered because you haven’t made time for completing a few cleaning tasks, then you have only yourself to blame!

  6. Let’s face it, even the busiest of folks can find time to complete a couple of short cleaning or tidying tasks every day, and if you really are pushed for time (or simply don’t want to do any cleaning!) then you should consider hiring help from a professional cleaning company. Keeping a clean home shouldn’t be a major issue, so try to do whatever it takes to keep it that way, whether it be by completing a few short tasks every day, or getting outside help from a cleaning company.

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