effective video marketing software for branding your videos n.
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Effective Video Marketing Software For Branding Your Videos PowerPoint Presentation
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Effective Video Marketing Software For Branding Your Videos

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Effective Video Marketing Software For Branding Your Videos - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Another thing I want to mention is that Google loves video and if they like you, your video will rank higher in the search engines then most ad copy. Food for thought. Happy Video Blogging, On YouTube, views of your videos are like votes. Videos that get the most views get featured more, getting you even more views. If you get enough views, you may generate an honor for your video such as: Most viewed, Most Popular, Top favorite, etc. If you achieve an honor, you will get even more views.

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Effective Video Marketing Software For Branding Your Videos

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    1. I also went to WalMart and bought a cheap tripod with the bendable legs so I could attach it to various things. I like to record out doors so this met my needs. Another thing that you need is good lighting. If your office is in the basement of your house and there are no windows in there you can still record there but you will need to bring in some extra lights. Also, when recording in your house or office be aware of your surroundings. Lets say you are recording a video in your bedroom because that is the only place you can do it, that's fine, just make sure that you don't have any clutter around you in the video. No messy bed or dirty laundry in the back ground of your video! Effective Video Marketing Software For Branding Your Videos

    2. And make sure that the sound in your video is of good quality. The camera that you are using should record the sound for you. If at all possible record your videos out doors. That is where the perfect lighting is. On a porch or under a tree which both provide indirect lighting is best. Now, before you begin you need to write down a few topic highlights on a piece of paper. This is your cheat sheet. Take it and practice a few times before recording. Now your ready to begin. Just start make videos. If they stink, rerecord it.

    3. Do it as many times as it takes to get a good recording then upload it to your computer through your video software that comes with your camera. You can now edit it to your liking. Do NOT edit out all your mistakes. You want to come across to your viewers as someone who is human and who makes mistakes but still continues to make the videos for their marketing. You want to be believable lingoblaster and real and approachable. Your prospective clients or customers will follow you to the degree that they know you, trust you and like you. And you will accomplish this through your videos.