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The Tampa Chiropractor for Cyclists

Tampa chiropractor Dr. Brad McHenry is one of the leading chiropractors in the Tampa Bay area at combining chiropractic medicine, injury rehabilitation and disease prevention. Dr. McHenry is committed to providing pain relief and clearing up chronic symptoms so that you can have a higher quality of life. http://drmchenry.net

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The Tampa Chiropractor for Cyclists

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  1. The Tampa Chiropractor for Cyclists Who would have ever dreamed cycling could wreak so much havoc on your body. You have developed back pain, numbness, and other conditions which you have been trying to understand, but could not quite put your finger on. A Tampa chiropractor has the answer waiting for you. Cycling which seems to the average eye to be a low impact way to get around put much more stress on the body than you might expect. The effort of bending over, riding on a small seat, and the sudden solid jars when you hit a pothole or rock can cause back problems over time. The skills used by a chiropractor can be effective, but there are added skills which can be learned by chiropractors who have studied this specialty.

  2. It is not just the issue of getting rid of back pain so you can get pedaling again. Your Tampa chiropractor needs to work with you to improve technique, form, and your strength to make sure this does not happen again. The rocking motion of pedaling puts unique strains on the lower back. Your grip on the handlebars puts pressures on the upper back centered between your shoulders. Only with proper chiropractic adjustments and an understanding of how cyclist uses their bodies can a corrective program be developed. This specialty is not common among Tampa chiropractors. Actually, you might discover there is only on chiropractor Tampa cyclists turn to on a regular basis. They trust his expertise to help them improve in performance and eliminate the pain. You would never guess by looking at the outside of the practice that there is anything going on inside dealing with cyclists. The practice is first and foremost a Tampa chiropractor office for patients with all types of conditions. The cycling specialty came about as cyclists started showing up with similar issues.

  3. Learning New Skills to Adapt Across the Entire Practice The chiropractor may be one of the most adaptive and most skilled practitioners in the state. He has researched and practiced skills dealing with blood pressure, weight loss, upper cervical issues, elbow pain, and even works with patients to level their step. Does that last time make you curious? It should. Many people have legs of different lengths. Actually most people have legs slight different in length. For most people it is such a small amount it makes no difference. For some people the difference is large enough that it causes a side to side sway of the back with every step leading to spinal problems. Did you notice what that leads us back to? The side to side sway is almost identical to what happen in the lower back of many cyclists. As this leading Tampa chiropractor has learned, specializing on something like cyclist chiropractic care brings advantages to all patients. Sometimes it takes a while for the connections to show themselves, but most times they are quite obvious. The same treatments to correct the lower back issues of a cyclist work perfectly for someone with different length legs. It is just the corrective action after treatment which is different.

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