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Carolina Chiropractic Reduces Pain without Drugs

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Carolina Chiropractic Reduces Pain without Drugs

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  1. Carolina Chiropractic Reduces Pain without Drugs • Do you hate the feeling which comes with taking pain medications? You know what we are talking about. That slightly disconnected feeling you get from some medications. Other medications can make you feel nauseous. Some pain medications can even cause dizziness, lethargy, and headaches. It is time to throw those pain medicines away and get real relief from a Carolina chiropractic clinic. • It is important you understand right up front, a chiropractor in Shelby NC is not going to magically or instantly bring all of your pain to a stop. What they will do is create a plan which changes your body to alleviate pain without drugs. This can include a wide variety of treatments which might include: • Chiropractic adjustments • Spinal decompression • Chiropractic evaluation and treatment with a ProAdjuster • Physical rehabilitation

  2. You can expect any treatment program will use a minimum of two of these items. This Carolina chiropractic clinic is focused on long-term benefits and will almost always recommend a form of physical rehabilitation. This includes stretches, exercises, and other techniques to improve body and joint condition to reduce the risks of injuries and pain generating problems from arising again. Leveraging Advanced Chiropractic Technology to End Pain Faster A North Carolina chiropractor 28152 zip code based should have the best technology available for helping their clients. The ProAdjuster is cutting edge technology which assists a chiropractor in evaluating back issues in real-time and then helping them to make tiny adjustments with precision. Making big adjustments is easy. The problems show up clearly in the x-ray and can often be felt by the chiropractor’s fingers. Tiny adjustments require a closer look and finder touch, which is where the ProAdjuster plays an important role. When the pain is being caused by a herniated disc or other issue which is commonly treated by traction therapy, spinal decompression may be a better answer. This form of treatment from a chiropractor uses the latest technology to provide variable traction which helps overcome muscle resistance and provides faster healing.

  3. More Options Equals Increased Opportunity in Pain Relief The important thing to look for in a Shelby NC chiropractor is the ability to provide multiple treatment forms to solve your issues. This gives the practitioner the ability to eliminate pain faster and get you off your pain medications faster. As most qualified health experts will tell you, using pain medications for too long of duration can lead to higher body toxicity and resistance to the pain medication. This of course results in that endless cycle of increasing dosages, changing pain medications, and still not getting the relief you want. The real solution is to solve the problem. This is done by careful evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation under the watchful eyes of your chiropractor in Shelby NC. If you have been suffering from continuing pain which you can never quite get rid of, it is time to visit a high quality Carolina chiropractic center and find the root cause. You deserve to live a life without the pain, filled with energy, happiness, and enjoyment.

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