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is your connecticut water safe to drink n.
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Is Your Connecticut Water Safe to Drink? PowerPoint Presentation
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Is Your Connecticut Water Safe to Drink?

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Is Your Connecticut Water Safe to Drink?
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Is Your Connecticut Water Safe to Drink?

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  1. Is Your Connecticut Water Safe to Drink?

  2. In just the past few years, the residents in Connecticut have had several water scares. Because water is so important to our daily health, it is crucial that we consistently drink clean, fresh water, whether you use the water from your own well or have it pumped in from elsewhere. To make sure that your water is safe to drink, you can get Connecticut water testing at your home.

  3. Harmful elements and compounds can sneak their way into your water completely unnoticed because they are virtually tasteless. That’s why regular water testing is important for the safety of you and your family. Fortunately, there are several companies across Connecticut that offer free or low-cost water evaluations. Therefore, it's sensible to look for their advice. If a problem is discovered, those experts will be able to handle the issue themselves or give you suggestions on the best plan of action for the circumstances.

  4. Harmful Chemicals that Could Be Hiding Out in Your WaterMost water companies in Connecticut will send their clients a regular review of the water quality in the area, which will give you information about what amounts of potentially dangerous substances are in the water as well as the amounts that are considered safe for consumption. If your water company does not offer that service or if you use well water, you might have to get the water tested yourself.

  5. The chemicals and compounds you should be on the lookout for include:Radon – known to cause lung cancerArsenicFluorideMercuryPerchlorateDioxinLead Chlorine

  6. A company that performs Connecticut water testing will look for these substances and ensure that the color, pH level, and mineral content of your water is safe for consumption.

  7. Healthy Homes Start with Healthy WaterWhether you’re looking to purchase a home in a new area or have lived at your current home for many, many years, having your water analyzed regularly will help to promote the overall health of everyone in your household. Avoiding having harmful chemicals in your water is made easy with Connecticut water testing. By sparing a little time for the analysis, you can potentially save yourself from a world of hurt.

  8. To learn more about ensuring that you have safe water to drink, review the Connecticut state requirements for water in the community or get a hold of your current water company!

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