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Dr. Mervyn Chang DDS PowerPoint Presentation
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Dr. Mervyn Chang DDS

Dr. Mervyn Chang DDS

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Dr. Mervyn Chang DDS

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  1. Dentist Dr Mervyn C. Chang Dr. Mervyn Chang 2211 Moorpark, #100, San Jose CA USA 95128 Phone: (408)298-5959

  2. Dr. Mervyn Chang DDS At Mervyn Chang DDS you will be warmly received by our friendly staff. We have a team which has been working in the field of dentistry for many years. Our renowned dentist Dr. Mervyn C. Chang is an expert in Orthodontics and Cosmetic Dentistry. He has completed his higher education in Orthodontics and Dental Implants. His desire to offer the population with quality dental treatment in San Jose, CA has made our dental practice today. With a committed team of professionals Dr. Mervyn Chang strives to achieve the best in every treatment he performs. He is a recognized family dentist in the locality. Our objective is to boost the self-confidence in our patients through the proud smiles we create for them. To achieve this objective we make use of technology and the expertise of our team. Our facility has digital X-rays, intra-oral cameras, diagnostic lasers and Zoom the equipment used for teeth whitening. All these equipment help us in establishing good dental health in patients.

  3. Our Dental Services Cosmetic Dentistry This is the area of dentistry that focuses on procedures that are cosmetic in nature It aims at keeping the oral structure in tact and enhancing your smile. Dental Implants If you want to have your missing tooth or teeth restored, and longing for the best possible option, then go for Dental Implants. They are permanent option that mimic natural teeth in looks. You can eat all the foods that you desire as you used too.

  4. INVISALIGN Most of the children are afraid and get panic when they come to know that they have to DENTAL BRACES Rightly positioned straight teeth are essential for a healthy and handsome smile

  5. Dental Services: • Dr. Mervyn Chang DDS • Dental Braces San Jose CA, invisalign san jose CA • Cosmetic Dentistry San Jose CA, Cosmetic Dentist San Jose CA • Invisalign San Jose CA, Invisalign in San Jose CA • Dental Implants San Jose CA, Dental Implants in San Jose CA

  6. Dr. Josephine M. Weber DMD Dr. Mervyn Chang DDS 2211 Moorpark, #100, San Jose CA USA 95128 Phone: (408)298-5959