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Wizard of Rx

CarePlanners gives people struggling with serious healthcare issues a personal healthcare expert to help coordinate medical services, resolve insurance and medical billing issues, and more.

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Wizard of Rx

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  1. We’re all Dorothy.

  2. And we’re all looking over the rainbow towards our futures.

  3. But life changes in an instant. You or a loved one gets sick.

  4. And you’re not in Kansas anymore.

  5. You meet a lot of new people, new cultures and new languages.

  6. Some of these people are truly great.

  7. But make no mistake - you are in the middle of a storm.

  8. And navigating the system is nearly impossible - it is not a question of intelligence.

  9. The healthcare system is intimidating.

  10. And not every character is good.

  11. The weight of it all is almost too much to bear - for both the patient and the caregiver.

  12. And you often feel all alone on your journey.

  13. You and your caregivers simply can’t manage it alone.

  14. They need help, someone to reach out to….

  15. So Dr. Nancy Snyderman and I created CarePlanners to help millions of caregivers and patients.

  16. We help patients and caregivers simplify the healthcare system so they can make better decisions for themselves and their loved ones.

  17. You hire experts to manage your legal and tax issues. Why not your healthcare system issues too?

  18. We have a network of nurses, social workers & insurance and billing experts - there when you need them.

  19. And online tools and resources to straighten your path - there to help you avert the coming crises.

  20. To let you see ahead so you can have some level of control.

  21. But that’s not really the magic.

  22. It’s why we’re doing what we’re doing. And how that impacts how we’re doing it.

  23. Zappos for healthcare.

  24. Honesty and integrity – no smoke and mirrors.

  25. Patient-centric care done the old-fashioned way - with all of the new-fashioned bells and whistles.

  26. Melting some of the complexities of the healthcare system along the way.

  27. Brains – human and otherwise.

  28. Courage – to serve the patient & caregiver community.

  29. And most of all compassion.

  30. Because this is who we’re all trying to serve. They need to be at the center of the conversation.

  31. And there are a lot of Dorothy’s out there.

  32. And to Dorothy healthcare feels like millions of stars in the sky.

  33. And we need a better way to navigate it all.

  34. Thank you. - Alan, CarePlanners Founder (alan@careplanners.com)

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