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CM Download Manager Plugin PowerPoint Presentation
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CM Download Manager Plugin

CM Download Manager Plugin

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CM Download Manager Plugin

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  1. t CM Download Manager PluginThe Ultimate WordPress Plugin to Manage Your Downloads. Upload, manage, track and support documents, audio and video

  2. What is CM Download Manager? CM Download Manager is a plugin for WordPress that helps you manage, track and support documents and files in a dedicated directory that other users can access and where they can contribute by uploading their files. Registration can be integrated with Social Media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn) Each file (pdf or doc format ) available for download has a landing page where they can be previewed using Google Docs.

  3. Downloads Page A file available for download can be protected by a password set by the user who uploaded the file.

  4. Users can listen to an audio file before downloading it using the music player situated above the Download button.

  5. The CM Download Manager can easily integrate Store and other plugins. The Download button can be replaced by a Purchase button using a Shortcode, this way administrators are able to sell the downloads available.

  6. Download Index Page The Download Index can be shown as list or tiles. It has an internal search engine in the upper part of the page. Also, downloads can be sorted according to popularity, users who uploaded the files, categories and date.

  7. Admins have several tools to moderate downloads: they can manage users` access, review files available for download, modify or delete them.

  8. Admins can specify what types of files users can upload. • Download types include: • Shortcodes (for integration with other plugins) • URL display (to redirect to an external resource) • File upload capabilities

  9. User and Group Access Admins can organize users into groups in order to easily manage which users have full access to downloads, who can upload without moderation and who needs further review before downloading or uploading files on their website.

  10. Plugin to your creativity! CM Download Manager t Thank you! CM Tooltip CM Answers CM Download Manager CM Ad Changer