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bottled vs onsite nitrogen or oxygen n.
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Bottled vs Onsite Gas Generation PowerPoint Presentation
Bottled vs Onsite Gas Generation

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Bottled vs Onsite Gas Generation
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Bottled vs Onsite Gas Generation

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  1. Bottled vs Onsite Nitrogen or Oxygen Gas Generation

  2. Nitrogen and oxygen generators are devices that separate atmospheric air to produce the desired gas. So for example, a nitrogen generator will ingest compressed air and it produces high purity nitrogen gas. Typically, it can produce from 95% up to about 99.999% period. So for an oxygen generator, typically it’s between 95% to about 98% purity oxygen. Our atmosphere actually contains between 78% nitrogen gas and 21% oxygen and the remaining are argon and other gases. Well knowing that so much nitrogen and oxygen already exist in the atmosphere, why not produce your own gas on site. In most industrial applications, the customer already has an existing air compressor system, and in most cases, there is excess capacity in the system anyway. Which means you can actually install a nitrogen or oxygen generator to utilise that excess capacity to produce your own gas onsite. There are a number of benefits involved in generating your own gas on site. Obviously, you will not have any more rental for bottle cage, bottles, liquid system in terms of evaporator or storage tank, no more transportation fees, delivery, no more handling of bottles on site

  3. which can be a hazard and you don't have a shortage if you have a peak demand, because you are actually producing your own gas on site. To size up the right gas generator, we will need to know your purity requirement, your pressure requirement, and also if you have got any peak loading that you require, then we can actually cater for storage afterwards.

  4. IN THIS VIDEO: CAPS Product Manager William Chan shares the benefits of having your own nitrogen and oxygen generators on site.

  5. We can help you find the right gas generator for your project. Visit our website today to learn more about our onsite gas generation solutions.