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This type of vacation aims to offer the travelers the scope to explore India and its attractions in the spirit of interaction, exploration and adventure.

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Different Sides of India That You Can Explore During Your Trip

India can be described as bamboozling, chaotic, crazy, intoxicating, squalid, exasperating, wonderful, daunting,

beautiful, fantastic and overwhelming. So, if you are planning Transformational Journeys to India, then you

have to prepare yourself well. Here are some details that define various sides of India, which you can explore

during the trip. Go through the details before taking the ultimate travel plunge.

India is a combination of different travel destinations with different interests, which is impossible to cover in a

single trip. So, first you have to chalk out the destinations that attract you the most and the total time you have

for the trip. Instead of trying to travel to the entire country, it is actually better to concentrate on a certain part

like the South, North, East, West or Middle part. In this article, you will get to know about some different

destinations that will help you in your Transformational Journeys.

Mughal Creations: If you are a fan of Islamic architecture, then you will definitely find some great looking

monuments in Delhi. Some of the eminent ones include: Humayun’s Tomb, mosques and minarets of the Qutb

Minar complex, Red Fort and Humayun’s Tomb. The Mughal splendor is not limited to Delhi, but it is also

spread across Agra, Fatehpur Sikri and Rajasthan including Jaisalmer.

Classic destinations: All time classic “Golden Triangle” is considered as one of the most popular India tours. This

actually introduces three top destinations of India namely Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Tourists can start from Delhi,

visit the sites like Red Fort and Humayun’s Tomb, then can tour the Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri and Agra Fort

after hitting Agra and then they can explore the Fort at Amber and the entire Pink City before returning to Delhi


Religious destinations: In case you are after the temples, then you will find those everywhere, almost in every

nook and corner of India. There are some prominent temples available in North and Central India like Konark's


rock-carved Sun Temple, the erotically carved edifices of Khajuraho, the Golden Temple in Amritsar, exquisitely

hewn milk-white-marble Jain temples in Gujrat and Rajasthan etc. You can plan a trip for 7-10 days to visit all

these temples. On the contrary, in case you are planning to visit the temples in South India, then you can plan

the vacation in a different way like you can consider 10 days tours to Tamil Nadu or 10 days tours to

Tiruvannamalai. The temples in South India are completely different from the temples in North India with

statue covered and towering gopuram towers. Some of the great examples are temples of Madurai, Hampi,

Tiruvannamalai and Tiruchirapalli.

Mountaineering and trekking: Northern part of India near the Himalayan ranges is the ideal place for both the

mountaineers and trekkers. In fact, the cities and states in North India are known for offering almost every type

of outdoor sport possible starting from river rafting to skiing.

Waterways and beaches: India also consists of some of the finest beaches located in the states West Bengal,

Orissa, Maharashtra, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Kerala. All of these beaches offer amazing scenic beauties.

How to Plan Your Trip to India?


For both the experienced and novice tourists, India is a great milestone. This is actually a term, which elicits

surprise and a little awe. So, whether you are getting excited at the idea of traveling to India or have started to

plan for the trip, this article describes all the details of planning Transformational Journeys to India.

Decide the places where you want to go: India is a big sub continent with different experiences waiting for the

tourists in every state. There are beaches and tropics, vibrant metropolises, serene landscapes, spiritual tour

along the Ganges, tip of the world at Kanyakumari and much more. So, a trip to India is pretty more exciting

than the typical backpacker trail.

Decide the time to go: In India, the tourist season lasts from October to February as the weather remains

pleasant and temperate at this time. Another reason to travel to India during this time is the range of festivals.

Visiting India during this time will give you some really momentous experiences. But in case you are looking for

the Transformational Journeys to the far north near the Himalayan range, then summer will be the best time.

1. Plan a tour layout: Next important thing is to plan the tour layout. It includes the places you want to

include in the tour and for how many days you want to stay there. For instance, if you are in search of

10 day tours to Tamil Nadu or 10 day tours to Tiruvannamalai, then plan the travel itineraries


2. Get the tickets: It is another important step to get the tickets as early as possible. Therefore, wait until

the rest of your trip develops. Besides, it is also necessary to book the hotel tickets ahead of time. This

will help you to maintain control as well as to feel better.

3. Get the visa: In case you are coming to India from any other country, then get the visa at least 6 months

before you travel.

4. Pack your belongings:Pack your necessary belongings before the trip. India is one such country that

remains warm mostly. Therefore, it is necessary to pack things accordingly. Besides, you need to pack

necessary electronic items like batteries and flashlights and other sources of light like candles for power

outrages. It is better to pack things in the backpacks as you may need to pass through uneven streets

and stairways a number of times.


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