the future of brand protection is here n.
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About BrandShield's Technology PowerPoint Presentation
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About BrandShield's Technology

About BrandShield's Technology

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About BrandShield's Technology

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  1. The Future of Brand Protection is Here

  2. BrandShield finds trademark infringement, counterfeit sales and brand abuse in: Websites PPC Ads Mobile Apps

  3. Analyzes content and metrics • Uses sophisticated algorithms to automatically prioritize the level of risk • Uses machine learning to improve results based on your actions • Groundbreaking pattern recognition finds major brand parasites • Includes proactive enforcement tools

  4. WEBSITES • BrandShield's easy to use technology-based solution simplifies brand protection and provides an advanced and automated metrics driven analysis of online risks and opportunities.

  5. FINDS AND PRIORITIZES INFRINGING WEBSITES • Scansand monitors the Internet to find websites that abuse your brand • Measures and collects data about suspicious websites and automatically analyzes: Monitor all new gTLDs • Traffic and statistics • Search engine results • and more • Web content • SEO data • Domain names • Prioritizes risks using automated metrics-driven analysis to help you better allocate your resources and focus your attention on the websites that present the most risk

  6. EQUIPS YOU WITH VALUABLE BUSINESSINTELLIGENCE FOR EFFICIENT BRAND PROTECTION: • Check risks that share similarities using our groundbreaking Risk Patterns feature • Retrieve all past analysis and valuable records in the Historysection • Download PDF reports and save time-stamped screenshotsof infringing websites for documented evidence

  7. ANALYZES WHICH DOMAINS ARE VALUABLE FOR YOUR BRAND: • BrandShield’s Opportunities feature implements statistical data combined with sophisticated keyword and semantic analysis to help you identify and prioritize which domain names have a higher probability to contribute to your online branding. • With hundreds of new gTLDsBrandShield simplifies the challenge of managing your brand online and deciding which domain names you really need, and monitors the rest.

  8. PPC Ads • Trademarks and brand names abuse in PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads is increasing by the day. • Competitors steal your traffic, others divert potential customers to other brands or to websites that sell counterfeits.

  9. PROTECT YOUR BRAND IN PPC ADS WITH BRANDSHIELD’S INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY. INCLUDING • Google search results scan for search terms of your choice • 24/7 monitoring • Detailed report of PPC ads that abuse or misuse your brands and trademarks • Reports include ad texts, target links and screenshots arranged by search term, by country and by scan time

  10. MOBILE APPS • BrandShield’s Mobile Apps module scans major app stores and provides prioritization of suspected risks to your brand. • The Mobile Apps module is the only automated and metrics-based solution available.

  11. DON’T LEAVE YOUR BRAND UNPROTECTED AGAINST THIS CONSTANTLY EVOLVING THREAT.INCLUDING • Scans for infringing and abusive apps • Includes all major app stores (Apple App Store, Google Play and more) • Automatic analysis of content and app characteristics • Analysis and prioritization of apps suspected of infringement • Easy-to-activate enforcement options

  12. BrandShield’s technology provides you with proactive enforcement options • Immediately respond to evolving risks by using the system's advanced enforcement tools

  13. Cease and Desist notifications tool • Dispute Resolution Process complaint filing service • Anonymous Negotiations service for the acquisition of domain names • Reporting tool for abusive Mobile Apps and PPC Ads


  15. CONTACT US FOR A DEMO Ltd. USA 174 W. 4th St. New York, NY 10014 USA Tel: +1 (646) 595-0088 ISRAEL 81 Sokolov St. Ramat Hasharon 47238 Israel Tel: +972 (3) 760-0555 Email: